It’s over! Glee season 4 has ended, and we’re rehashing tonight’s episode with a live Google Hangout with our very own Glee Chat hosts as well as Dalton Academy Warbler, Curt Mega! Come join the fun!

Tonight’s Glee season 4 finale had some twists and turns that we never saw coming! Chat about the episode in the comments below! You can also leave questions and comments for Curt Mega, and we’ll read them for him to answer when he joins us on tonight’s show!

Now that Glee season 4 has wrapped, what are some of your favorite moments over the last 22 episodes? What were some of your least favorite moments?

Glee Chat will be rehashing tonight’s episode as well as making some really exciting announcements about the status of Glee Chat over the summer, and how fans will be able to enjoy a Glee Project-less couple of months leading up to the return of Glee in season 5 this fall!

Need some help commenting on tonight’s Glee season 4 finale? Let us help you:

– What are your thoughts about who was catfishing Ryder?
– How do you think this Ryder situation will develop throughout season 5?
– What are your thoughts about the results of Regionals?
– Were the last few episodes noticeably different without Cory Monteith/Finn?
– What are your thoughts about the current status of Klaine?
– What do you want to see in season 5 that you may not have seen in season 4?

In tonight’s season finale we found out Unique was Ryder’s catfish, Brittany is heading to MIT early (and Heather Morris seems to be leaving the show!), and New Directions win Regionals! What are your thoughts about tonight’s developments?

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