We’re only a few short weeks away from the season finale of Glee, and today we’re getting our first look at Blaine in the episode titled “All Or Nothing.” (Some spoilers about the season finale ahead)

In the photo, released exclusively on EW.com, Blaine is seen checking out potential engagement rings with upcoming guest star Patty Duke.

Glee(season finale - Season 4)Darren Criss and Patty Duke

Patty Duke’s character is in a long-term lesbian relationship with Family Ties star Meredith Baxter when she is introduced later this season.

Who knows what the situation between Kurt and Blaine will be by the season finale, but it looks like Blaine may be jumping a little too far ahead with potentially getting married, right? Could it be that by the end of season 4 of Glee, we’ll have seen Kurt and Blaine together, broken up, interested in other guys, back together, and then possibly engaged? Something tells us Kurt won’t take the bait and will be the more emotionally aware person of the two of them. Or maybe he won’t?

By the way, say these two do get married: will one of them take the other’s last name? Will we see Kurt Anderson or Blaine Hummel in the near future!? Are we really discussing this right now on Hypable!?

What are your thoughts about Kurt and Blaine potentially being engaged? Will Glee season 5 be all about their tumultuous engagement?

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