We’re still several weeks away from Glee’s 8th, 9th and 10th episodes of season 4 but we have found out the names of the episodes early!

According to Gleezone, a longtime reputable Glee tumblr page with insider info, the titles for the 8th, 9th, and 10th episodes are as follows:

4×08 – Thanksgiving
4×09 – Swan Song
4×10 – Glee, Actually

So to round up these titles, here’s what we know for sure so far:

4×05 – The Role You Were Born To Play
4×06 – Glease
4×07 – Dynamic Duets
4×08 – Thanksgiving
4×09 – Swan Song
4×10 – Glee, Actually

Now the question is: what can we determine about these episode titles, if anything at all? There are some clues, actually!

Obviously, episode 8 will be the Thanksgiving episode. Not much else you can determine there. There have been rumors that it will be a big reunion episode and that [spoiler] may be returning to the show during this episode.

For those who don’t know the term “swan song” generally is used as an exiting term. Could this episode be the last for one of our main characters? Who could be potentially leaving in episode 9 of Glee? Speculate away in the comments section below!

Lastly, “Glee, Actually” can be tied to a quote that Ryan Murphy recently gave during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. We reported that Ryan Murphy had mentioned the Christmas episode of this season would be a lot like the movie “Love, Acutally.” It seems like we’re meant to believe that the 10th episode will in fact be the Christmas episode this season.

We’ll be keeping Hypable readers posted with more information about what’s to come in these 3 episodes as they come nearer and nearer. Are you particularly excited about any of these upcoming episodes? If so, let us know which ones and why in the comments section below!

Glee will return after a month long hiatus this Thursday at 9/8c on Fox directly following The X Factor!

Disclaimer: the featured image used is not a set image, and is in fact an image of Lea Michele’s costume from a recent Halloween.

Correction: An error was made in the titles of which episodes in the original posting. The correct information is now available!

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