Is Rachel Berry pregnant? Would Glee do this? We take a closer look in to who the baby’s daddy is, what it means for the series, and whether or not Rachel will face one of the toughest situations young pregnant women have to face.

For those who don’t know, the final scene of Glee 4×14 “I Do” showed Rachel looking through her planner/diary thing and eventually in the bathroom as she takes a pregnancy test.

We discussed this situation on the latest episode of Glee Chat this week. Here are some questions (and our subsequent responses) to what’s going on with our leading lady, miss Rachel Berry.

Is Rachel actually pregnant?

As we talked it through on Glee Chat, we thought that there’s no way the show would just throw that in at the end of an episode only to come back in episode 15 and say “false alarm!” Plus, do you remember this story from a few months ago that pointed to one of our leading characters getting pregnant? It looks like all signs point to “Yes.”

Who dat is my baby’s daddy?

Most of you are probably too young to get that B-Roc & The Biz joke but I’ll leave it right here for you to check out. Anyway, yes, which guy-we-first-meet-in-a-shower-singing-80s-music is going to be Rachel’s new baby’s daddy? On Glee Chat, there was talk that it might be too soon after their hookup in “I Do” to think that it’s Finn’s. However that was shortly debunked because, well, it’s Glee, and as Ryan Murphy says, you’re supposed to suspend judgement so that they can get away with things so you can enjoy the show! Does Rachel have an idea as to who it is? We suspect some baby’s daddy drama in the coming episodes, for sure (how could there not be?).

On a more serious note, will Rachel confront the idea of an abortion?

Assuming that she is pregnant, and knowing that Glee loves to go down these paths when it comes to big button issues, we suspect Rachel will not only confront the idea of an abortion, but probably also have one. Look, let’s face it, it’s a serious thing that A LOT of young women (and even girls) have to deal with a lot more than people probably realize. However, we just can’t see Glee giving it’s lead female character a child to carry along as part of her story line. Rachel’s end-game is her catching the roses her husband Finn is throwing to her during the curtain call of Funny Girl on Broadway. That’s where this train was going the whole time – and we all know it, including Finn in last week’s episode. We just don’t see how a 19 year-old, egocentric Rachel, on her way to Broadway where she belongs, and a still-doesn’t-know-what-to-do-in-life Finn will be able to deal with a child both in the context of the show and in regards to how RIB writes the story.

Final thoughts on ‘Glee’

I think that Rachel is pregnant with Brody’s baby. There may be another storyline surrounding safe sex coming up (surely Rachel’s not just humping around without condoms and other forms of contraception, right?). I also think Rachel will make the very dramatic, emotional decision to have an abortion.

What are your thoughts about Rachel being pregnant? Do you think it’s Brody’s or Finn’s? Could it be someone else’s? Glee will return in 3 weeks with the new episode “Girls (and Guys) On Film,” but don’t look to the preview for any hint of what Rachel’s thinking, there’s not much there.

If you love this kind of conversation and banter, check out our exclusive Glee podcast, Glee Chat, where several of Hypable’s top Gleeks get together every week after the latest episode to discuss what went down!

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