Glee fans will be happy to know that even though they will be not getting any new episodes for five whole, really long weeks (seriously, Glee?), they will still be able to get their fix. This is because it looks like Ryan Murphy will be bringing Glee into the New Normal universe in an upcoming episode of his first season.

In the show, Bryan Collins (played by Broadway star Andrew Rannells) is shown as a TV producer, specifically a producer for a musical comedy called Sing. Sound familiar? He even says something along the lines of “I just broke up this couple – now millions of teen fangirls are crying.” Kurt and Blaine, anyone? So it’s no secret that the character of Bryan is largely based on Ryan Murphy himself (Bryan/Ryan – so subtle), which cast members have confirmed, and now it seems like its going to get even more like Murphy’s own life.

Through the use of doppelgängers, New Normal viewers will get to see some of the cast from Bryan’s show Sing, which uncannily look a lot like the actors from Glee. For instance, the lead of Sing is Clea (and if we take off the “C,” we get…) and is described as a “petite and attractive brunette.” The male counterpart is an “attractive 30-something actor” called Mike Madison and it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to guess he is Matthew Morrison’s lookalike.

It’s a great idea, very meta, and will definitely be entertaining to see how Murphy pokes fun at his own actors. No news as of yet for who will be playing the doppelgängers, but Lea Michele told Murphy that she loves the idea, so there should be no hard feelings. E! Online has revealed that fans can expect this to happen on the eighth episode (in three weeks), but this does give anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet time to catch up.

Who are some other lookalikes you would want to see on the show? What do you think the characters of Clea and Mike will be like?

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