Yesterday Darren Criss and Chris Colfer were spotted filming scenes in Bryant Park in New York City. One fan managed to snag audio playback of the song “White Christmas” and post it online! Check it out!

The song is only just over a minute long but gives us a great listen to what we can expect from Blaine and Kurt with “White Christmas” when it airs in a few weeks. Check it out for yourself:

The real question is whether this means that Kurt and Blaine have ended up mending their issues by the Christmas episode, which is titled “Glee, Actually,” a play on the movie Love, Actually.

The song definitely sounds cheerful and upbeat so fingers crossed that this first half of the season isn’t necessarily the end for one of Glee‘s most beloved couples.

Yesterday we also posted on new images released by Fox from the next three epiosdes, “Dynamic Duets,” “Thanksgiving” and “Glee, Actually.” You can check out all of that awesomeness by clicking here!

The first official images of Dianna Agron on Glee in season 4 have also surfaced! Check those out here!

Are you excited about what you’ve heard of “White Christmas” thus far? Are you hoping that Kurt and Blaine can set their problems aside if just for the holidays? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

UPDATE: Chris Colfer tweeted the below photo late Monday night showing the two back together for the song.

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