Glee’s latest episode titled “Guilty Pleasures” has just finished airing! Come let us know what you thought and react with other Gleeks!

Now that Glee’s episode titled “Guilty Pleasures” is over, sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you thought. Did you like all the music that was performed?

This week’s episode featured music that most people wouldn’t admit to liking. We saw an amazing ABBA performance, a Spice Girls performance, and a hilarious performance between Blam of “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”

Oh, and speaking of Blam, what are your thoughts on that whole situation?

What was your favorite performance? What was your least favorite performance?

Hypable’s Glee Chat podcast will be back with an all new episode recapping “Feud” this week as well. What questions do you potentially have for them to discuss? Is there anything you’d like them to hit on that you think simply can’t go on unnoticed with this week’s episode of Glee? Leave your thoughts and comments below and catch up on their latest episode “Gleeception,” which rehashes last week’s episode, 4×15 “Girls (and Boys) On Film.”

Check out the preview for “Shooting Star” which will air when Glee returns in three weeks!

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