This past week’s Glee episode, was, in our opinion, one of the most solid of the past two seasons, so we loved seeing a bit more about “Diva” when Fox released its weekly extended behind-the-scenes video. Watch below as the cast tell us about their favorite divas and take us through the filming of some of the iconic numbers in “Diva.”

Watch Jayma Mays, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera and Alex Newell discuss “Diva” below:

As the Glee cast is interviewed about who they consider to be the world’s greatest diva, it seems they all agree on Beyonce, of course, who provided the title number for this episode, but Jayma Mays makes sure to include some of the most timeless stars – Madonna and Cher – while Naya Rivera takes it even more old-school with classic icons like Lena Horne, Nina Simone and Patti LaBelle. Darren Criss includes Sir Elton John, tying in to his character’s point in this week’s episode, that men can be divas, too.

It seems that this week’s Glee episode was a real highlight for the cast – Alex Newell describes the luxurious fashion-shoot staging of Beyonce’s “Diva” for himself and other members of New Directions as “the happiest moment of my life,” and Darren Criss recounts his ecstasy upon discovering that Blaine would perform “Don’t Stop Me Now,” calling it one of his favorite songs of all time. Old-school Darren fans will be aware of his Queen fanboyism (check out this adorable tweet!) and he calls this number “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do on the show. Ever.” Given that this number was relatively simple in terms of staging and performance, Darren’s statement clearly comes from a very personal place of respect and awe for the late, great Freddie.

Naya Rivera then goes on to talk a little about keeping hope alive for Brittana fans and about Santana’s surprise move to New York City, and what she may get up to there.

Which number did you like best from this week’s Glee episode? And also, we want to know – who’s your number one diva?

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