12:00 pm EDT, April 8, 2015

‘Glee’ vs ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Quiz: How well do you know your McKinley High Schools?

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Two McKinleys, two very different high schools. How well do you know the halls of Glee and Freaks and Geeks? Test your knowledge in our quiz!

Freaks and Geeks and Glee both chose to set their tales in the halls of McKinley High School. One in Lima, OH and the other in Chippewa, Michigan, the schools both honor the 25th President of the United States, have eccentric guidance counselors, and students who are trying to find where they belong. However, the execution of their stories could not be more different.

As Glee wrapped its final season this year, it was hard to say goodbye to the halls that became home to the singing and dancing glee club we came to know over six years on air. The halls, classrooms, and courtyards in Lima, OH were where students met to sing their feelings rather than speak them. The cast changed and went to New York and back again, but the true heart of the show always remained in the choir room of McKinley High.

Another story that did not last beyond one season plays out in reruns on Netflix. Hypable’s ReWatchable podcast, dedicated to rewatching cancelled or completed series, is currently watching Freaks and Geeks that follows the Weir siblings and their groups of friends in the William McKinley High of Michigan. Here the halls are less musical, but dramatic nonetheless. Even though the show takes place in one school, it might as well be two different campuses as the show explores just how large the age gap can seem between 14 and 18.

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If you are actively following Freaks and Geeks as a new listener with ReWatchable, some spoilers do exist in the quiz! Be sure to proceed with caution!

Do you think you know enough about both shows to successfully separate the Glee kids from the Freaks and Geeks? Take our quiz to find out just how well you know McKinley High!

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Questions created in partnership with ReWatchable host Jack Farrugia.

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