Last week’s superhero themed episode of Glee, “Dynamic Duets,” proved to be fun both on screen and behind the scenes! Check out this clip released today by Fox!

In the video Kevin McHale shares his story about why he was a bit terrified when hair and make-up put the bald cap on him for his amazing costume as Dr. Y. Plus, we hear two amazing reasons why running in slow motion is awesome from Darren Criss!

Check out the video:

Did you catch last week’s episode of Glee, “Dynamic Duets,” yet? Whose superhero character did you love the most and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out our recap of Glee‘s “Dynamic Duets” here, which breaks down the entire episode scene-by-scene for you! You can also check out episode 51 of Glee Chat, “Remember When Sam Was Dyslexic?” where our resident Glee superfans break down the episode, offer feedback, and chat about the latest Glee news of the week! Both our recaps and our podcasts are posted shortly after each new episode of Glee airs!

Glee returns this week with an all-new episode, “Thanksgiving,” which airs at 9/8c right after The X Factor on Fox!

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