With one day left until the season 4 premiere of Glee (Thursday, 9 PM ET/PT on Fox!), not only has the network released the ‘1 Day Until’ poster, but we have a first look at 4×03 “Makeover.”

The two Glee 4×03 photos published today show Sue (Jane Lynch) and Will (Matthew Morrison) performing a musical number. Sue is dressed up in formal attire while Will is in his regular teaching outfit. Can you even begin to fathom what they’d be performing?

Glee 4x03 photos

Glee 4x03 photos

Over the past couple of weeks, Fox has been releasing one new poster with the amount of days left until the season premiere and two characters. The final poster, which appeared today, features classic characters Sue (Jane Lynch) and Rachel (Lea Michele) with the former character making the ‘L’ handshape over the latter’s head.

Ready to get pumped for tomorrow’s premiere episode? Watch Kate Hudson perform a mash up of ‘Americano’ and ‘Dance Again’ at NYADA.

More ‘Glee’ promo posters

This poster is the latest in a line of countdown posters that have featured Blaine and SueArtie and TinaSantana and KurtFinn and SamPuck and MikeMercedes and BrittanySue and MarleyFinn and Brody, and most recently Brittany and Kitty.

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