GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has released their 8th annual report titled “Where We Are Today” which tracks gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters on scripted TV.

The report contains good news, as it states that the number of gay characters on television are higher than ever. 4.4% of regularly appearing actors on prime-time comedy and drama between the 2012-13 season are portraying LGBT characters, which is an increase of 2.9% from last year.

Out of a total of 701 regular series characters from 97 TV scripted shows, 31 were found to be representing the LGBT community. Interestingly, male LGBT characters continue to outrank female LGBTs, with 55.5% to 45.5%.

Thanks to Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, ABC took over from Fox to have the most series regulars to be identified as a member of the LGBT community, with 5.2% or 10 out of 194. Fox was bumped down to second, with six LGBT characters out of 118, falling just under ABC with 5.1%.

The president of GLAAD, Herndon Graddick, said in a statement released after the publishing of the report, “This year’s increase of LGBT characters on television reflects a cultural change in the way gay and lesbian people are seen in our society. More and more Americans have come to accept their LGBT family members, friends, [and] peers.”

This news comes at a good time when groups like One Million Moms are attacking certain TV shows, like The New Normal, for “portraying sinful behaviour as acceptable.”

What are some of your favourite LGBT characters on TV?

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