Giving Tuesday is a global event all about giving back. Celebrities and people in fandom can recommend some great charities if you’re not sure where to start.

The holiday season approaches, which is often associated with giving — whether it’s presents, food, or simply your time. Enter Giving Tuesday: A global event on November 29, 2016 to kick off the charitable post-Thanksgiving season.

2016 has been a rough year for everyone, and there are many humanitarian and environmental crises pressing in on us and making us feel like the humble amounts we have to spare cannot possibly be enough to make a dent in the misery. This is where fandom comes in.

Whether it’s your celebrity heroes like Kerry Washington and Mark Ruffalo, fandom-related charities or prominent people within fandom, there is plenty of inspiration to be found for ways in which you, too, can help. Even the smallest of contributions can make a difference, so let’s get to work!

This is a modest and incomplete compilation of tweets and posts from fandom-related people meant to inspire you — please add more suggestions in the comments, and seek out additional charities on your own.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is devoting his entire day to promoting awesome charities, so check out where the Hamilton creator is giving today:

Finally, a bunch of musicians are participating in Bedstock — an online music festival to spread awareness and raise funs for MyMusicRx, an organization that delivers music to kids and teens with serious illnesses.

Here are some of the performances that have been released so far:

Which charities are you supporting on Giving Tuesday?

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