The Girls season 6 teaser trailer is here! The gang’s all here for one last shot at getting their lives together.

Back to New York and on with life! Girls season 6 returns with everyone in tow. Shoshanna, Jessa, Marnie, Desi, Adam, Elijah, Ray and Hannah all make an appearance in the first official look from HBO.

So, what do we learn here?

Marnie and Desi are still moving forward and are possibly returning from their tour. Despite Marnie’s crazy sex dream and (actual sex) with Ray at the end of last season, it looks like the duo are all right in each other’s company.

Girls season 6 marnie

Hannah, as you may recall, went back to her first love at the end of season 5 — writing. Not much is seen here about her path, but Elijah’s giving his pipes a run for their money.

Looks like we will be seeing the showman break free this season! After trying to make it work with egomaniac Dill, it’s time for Elijah to step into the spotlight.

Girls season 6 elijah

Jessa and Adam are still coexisting without any bloodshed, so that’s a promising start! What about Shoshanna? Her trip to Japan pushed her out of her comfort zone and yet she was never happier. But when her job disappeared, she returned to New York and helped Ray wage war against the hipsters stealing his coffee shops’ business.

For now we will have to settle for knowledge that Shoshanna and Elijah will, at some point, ride in an elevator! Are they going up or down? The possibilities are endless!

Girls season 6 shoshanna

With both Looking and Togetherness off of the HBO schedule, it is not yet clear which shows will be airing around Girls‘ final season. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 4 will return at 11:00 p.m. following the premiere.

Girls season 6 premieres on Sunday, February 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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