Girls sets up the pieces for next week’s finale with tonight’s episode, “I Saw You.” Read our full recap below!

Shocking discoveries, Jessa’s employment, and the streak of Shoshanna’s honesty continues on tonight’s all new Girls! Read our recap of season 3, episode 11, “I Saw You,” and catch up on all the Patti LuPone-filled drama.

Up Next: Catching up with the couple in danger first, Hannah and Adam’s sexual needs become something more akin to an item on a to-do list. Their relationship is not on a “break” per say, but more of a seasonal hiatus. There are still a few hints of exciting routine popping in every now and then, but the real show will not return until Adam has completed the rehearsal process.

After their rendezvous, Hannah strolls by Ray’s on a restless walk to stumble into Adam running lines, in his trench coat, with Ray. Hannah tells Adam she feels like they are breaking up in slow motion. Adam says that in his mind, he switches to “play time” when he is with her. He assures her that they are fine and one day when she has something going on, she will understand why he needs the space now.

Adam takes a bath and Ray shaves while the two discuss their womanly woes. Ray admits it is time for him to settle for nothing less than perfect, and the apartment is his first step.

Recognize Your Gift: Taking the job as Soojin’s assistant, Marnie quickly realizes that Soojin is not gallery owner material. Having a minute alone with an artist she studied in school, Marnie chats about her work and the people who do not appreciate it. The photographer tells Marnie that getting older and seeing a shell of the person you once were is the pits.

Later in the gallery, Jessa swings by as Marnie tries to answer for her qualifications when asked her opinion on a piece. Instead of getting in the way, Jessa offers her swift opinion on a piece and her confidence speaking her mind lands her a job archiving the artist’s work.

Patti, Patti: Hannah revisits Patti with an additional member to her interview team. Apparently talking about life and love and the theater did not present a strong case for bone density. Elijah springs at the opportunity to be in the same room as the Broadway legend. His plea with puppy dog eyes grants him access, but on two conditions: no talking and no touching anything named Tony in her presence.

Elijah, catching his breath at the mere sight of Patti, interjects his comments and sets off another life chat with Ms. LuPone. Patti asserts that she always knew who she was, right from the start. The Kennedy-esque lad in the bow tie, and the girl looking for bone density quotes, can’t stop her from derailing and end up staying for dinner and drinks.

Hannah becomes alarmed when she discovers that Patti’s husband put his dream of writing to the back seat so that he could support Patti’s career fully. Seeing the subtle distaste in his smile for the passion he lost, Hannah’s outburst at her next GQ meeting about squandering talents does not go over well. Want to live each day like a roller coaster for creative genius? Start off by being unemployed, Hannah.

Open Mic: Relaxed and natural are two of the farthest adjectives to describe Marnie. However, that is the attitude Desi wants to bring to their performance. He did see some of her infamous YouTube videos and warns her that it made him a bit uncomfortable… At the actual show, it turns out her observations on their chemistry leaves him a little more uncomfortable.

As they take the stage and sing their duet, Hannah, Elijah, and Shosh are there to lend their support. Taking everyone, especially Elijah by surprise, Shosh takes a minute to interject that Hannah must be feeling a bit low. After all, everyone banked on her being the breakout of the group, but now Adam is on Broadway and Marnie is basically a pop star. So what has she done lately?

Marnie meets the famous Clementine and fumbles in her usual bundle-of-nerves jumbled way. Skipping out on drinks with the cast, Marnie goes straight to Ray’s, ignoring his need to define boundaries and straight to his bed. Hannah goes to meet Adam and breaks up the fun stories to announce she got fired from GQ…intentionally. You know, for the unemployment.

The night ends with Adam taking Hannah back to Ray’s, but her attention is broken when she hears a commotion in Ray’s bed. Upon further investigation, Hannah opens the door to find Marnie in a compromising position. She leaves saying, “You will never judge me again.”

Stray Observations:

•Elijah’s description of Marnie, “She is awful and she needs to stop,” pretty much sums up the entire arc for her character this season.

Watch the Girls season 3, episode 12 finale, “Two Plane Rides,” Sunday, March 23 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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