Girls 5×07, “Hello Kitty” was not about the adorable cat that Shoshanna has been spending quality time with in Japan.

Can Marnie and Desi’s song be used as a montage over the death of Hannah’s turn in the spotlight on Girls? After a stellar bottle episode, “The Panic in Central Park,” Girls returned to less than stellar pity-party for a few of New York’s finest. However, not all was lost to Hannah’s public indecency.

The juxtaposition of staging a reenactment of the murder of Kitty Genovese, a woman who was stabbed to death outside her apartment where it was said that no less than 38 witnesses stood idly by while it happened. Adam is involved in recreating the experience where lines are blurred between the story being told and those who are willing to take it in. It was beautiful, staged brilliantly, and did the job of distinguishing the silent witnesses from those who need to be little quieter.

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“Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive and inappropriate what a twist.” I wish that transcribing Fran’s dialogue was enough to convey my personal feelings about Hannah. The fact that his words exist in the world of the show mean that I am at least taking away something from her character that the writers are intending me to. I’m surprised every week that Hannah still has a job, a boyfriend, friends (first or second tier). She is dismissive, abusive, and yet plays the role of victim all to well in every single confrontation she finds herself.

That is until she decides to stop, observe, and stifle the voice that is egging her to draw attention to her deeper feelings being tortured. Her silent observation of Jessa and Adam making eyes at one another across the balconies remains just an observation when confronted with the bodies themselves.

Of course, there is the initial blow of steam with Marnie, whose attention goes to Desi and his news that their song is going to be used on Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe in a principle’s death montage!

By episode’s end, Hannah has resolved nothing with Fran, she still has a ton of problems waiting for her at work, but she learned that in at least one instance, watching something happen rather than saying something is just better for everyone involved. But seriously, if you see a murder outside of your apartment, say something.

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Somewhere in the mythical land of midtown, Dill throws an elaborate party full of A-listers who all want to share their story of stroking Dill’s ego. Elijah realizes that all that glitters may not be gold, but they still use fantastic facial products. Elijah is rubbing elbows with a few people who live outside of his comfort zone, but he is blending in quite well. In fact, he seems almost more at home in some of these conversations than he does helping Hannah take naked pics for her boyfriend.

However, is Dill’s instability clouded by his celebrity? The charm, the smile, his many good deeds, the way he can work a bald head. Okay, Corey Stoll has me won over, but I do grow weary that Elijah is going to do what is right for him in this situation. Let’s just wait until Dill wakes up and sort this out over a mimosa and some aspirin.

Watch Girls season 5, episode 8, “Homeward Bound,” Sunday, April 10 at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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