For those of you hoping that Girl Meets World would be like its predecessor, Boy Meets World, we’re sorry.

Let’s preface this by saying that we were gigantic fans of Boy Meets World back in the day, much like the rest of the audience that is hoping to see Girl Meets World premiere on June 27. However, while we were looking forward to it we also knew that this was NOT Boy meets World, and we lowered our expectations as much as we thought we had to – Girl Meets World did not even meet those lowered expectations.

If you’re tuning in on June 27 to see Boy Meets World, but with a female lead and Cory and Topanga all grown up, you’re going to be hit with a feeling of devastation rather than glee. Girl Meets World is exactly like all of the other Disney Channel sitcoms that air before and after its time slot: The lead characters have an unrealistic wardrobe, the show has no real audience, but rather a laugh track that doesn’t make sense at times, and the acting is subpar at best.

Edit: While the show does have a live audience, it sounds like there is a laugh track added in.

We came into this show hoping to love it, and we give it the benefit of the doubt since it’s only a pilot – but we’re unsure if we want to stick around to watch our images of Corey and Topanga diminish with this show’s insanely corny attempts at trying to be like Boy Meets World. There are quite a few family moments where they try to teach the audience a lesson, but they feel forced and too cheesy for us to take them seriously.

Disney knows the audience that is going to be tuning in, so they tried to give them what they want while still working with what they had based off their other Disney Chanel shows, but the combination is not something that works well. What really showed Disney’s attempt at attracting older audiences was the end of the show – a very special cameo by a beloved Boy Meets World character followed by the same guitar rift that ended the show 14 years ago.

Despite the several attempts to take advantage of the nostalgia, ’90s ABC sitcoms and modern Disney Chanel programming were never on the same level, and this proves that they never will be.

This is not an attempt to bash Girl Meets World but rather an attempt to warn those of our generation hoping to see Boy Meets World come back to life. While Girl Meets World attempts to parallel itself to its predecessor with characters like Maya Hart (Riley’s best friend) and Farkle (who we imagine to be a combination of Minkus and Sean), we don’t imagine much of you sticking around for the rest of the season. But hey, the kids who actually watch the Disney Chanel and their other shows like Austin & Ally and Dog With a Blog might really enjoy this.

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