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Watch the latest ‘Gilmore Girls’ trailer, feel all the feelings

New Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer! I repeat, there is a new Gilmore Girls trailer! Watch it now!

One month until Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix! Watch the latest trailer from the upcoming revival, then keep scrolling for new production stills and much more insider information from the cast!

Netflix offers an inside look at the cast and creators’ experience jumping back into their roles. A major missing piece of the revival arose before all of the will-she won’t-she drama of Sookie St. James’ return: what would they do without the late Edward Herrmann?

Kelly Bishop, Herrmann’s closest co-star offers, “[Ed] would have so enjoyed this — he would have loved to come back and do this show again, so we keep feeling like he’s around. [His death] definitely affects Emily’s journey very profoundly.”

You certainly feel his presence in this snapshot where his portrait dominates the sitting room’s wall. Perhaps Richard’s portrait is blocking the entrance to Emily’s panic room. Always protecting her, even in death. (It’s okay if you need to step away and have a good cry.)

Gilmore Girls richard painting

“It was also part of our story that we were telling, which was the journey of how everyone is recovering. It plays into all the choices the characters are making,” Graham says of returning to the Gilmore family without Ed.

She continues, “Emily needs her in a way that she didn’t when Richard was alive.” That way just happens to include Friday night dinners.

Luke and Lorelai give love a third try in the revival. Graham comments on co-star Scott Patterson saying, “He’s sort of a certain kind of man that you don’t see on TV that much anymore. He is a simple guy but full of love, and I think that really comes through.”

That love doesn’t just come out when Lorelai is in the room. It shines for Jess and April as well.

Gilmore Girls luke jess

Patterson and Ventimiglia reunite in a recently released still offering fans a sneak peek at that signature leather jacket.

As for Rory, well, she is experiencing life as a successful 32-year-old working woman. What is she up to these days? Hey, there is still some mystery left in this show!

Other mysteries begging to be worked out: What is Taylor’s new show about? Are Lane’s boys best friends with Sophie (aka the brilliant Carol King)? What could Kirk possibly do this time around to surprise us?

Gilmore Girls lane rory


Only one month left until we find out!

What do you think of the new Gilmore Girls trailer?

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives on Netflix November 25.

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