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Update: Watch the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunite at ATX Festival to walk down Stars Hollow memory lane

Grab a coffee and settle in! We have all the details from last night’s Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Festival!

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Update (June 8): Our full recap of the panel of the Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Festival now has another component! Entertainment Weekly, the host of the reunion, recorded the event and it is now available for you to watch!

Gilmore Girls ATX Festival Reunion Panel

Thanks, EW!

A hot, hot day in Austin, TX did not put a damper on the spirits of Gilmore Girls cast as they reunited at the ATX Festival in Austin, TX. From Miss Patty to Logan, to Luke to Jess, to the ladies of the hour, Lorelai and Rory, the stars filled the standing room only theater to share their stories from casting to finale.

As the lights dimmed in the Paramount Theater, the excitement in the room vibrated the walls. “If you’re out on the road…” began to play and the ladies of the series took the stage. Lead by moderator Jessica Shaw from EW, the panel focused the first hour on the reason for the event, THE Gilmore Girls. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino sat with Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop to take fans from conception to finding her Gilmore Girls.

A nervous Kelly Bishop landed the role in her first reading, while Alexis Bledel took on her fifth ever audition with a cold (induced from water being thrown at her during a modeling shoot) and won Amy over with her air of distaste for the creator. (None of which was actually true. She was simply under the weather.) Lauren was out of the picture due to another acting contract until the eleventh hour. The rest, as they say, is history.

Gilmore Girls Reunion Lauren Alexis Kelly

There was one cast member’s absence that hung over the entire evening — Ed Herrman. A giant in the acting community and the grandfather, father, husband many of us grew up with passed away on December 31, 2014. In honor of his memory a reel of Richard Gilmore’s best moments, hand selected by Amy Sherman-Palladino, served as a very emotionally touching transition.

The stage transformed to highlight all the Stars Hollow landmarks including Luke’s Diner, Kim’s Antiques, The Dragonfly Inn, Miss Patty’s and finally, the cast of Gilmore Girls with a chair reserved for their dear friend, Ed.

Here are our favorite moments from the reunion:

A ‘Gilmore Girls’ movie?

Gilmore Girls reunion cast

The question that is on everyone’s mind is the one we will address first. It’s not secret that the cast of Gilmore Girls are on the same page when it comes to revisiting their special Stars Hollow bubble. But a reunion beyond the one that took place last night is not official. Amy Sherman-Palladino made it very clear that nothing is in the works. The perfect storm of conditions including the timing, availability and, ultimately, finding he perfect way to serve justice to the show is when it will be made.

Rest assured that when the panel was asked if they would all be willing to take part in a reunion, the nodding was unanimous!

Luke and Lorelai: Fling or meant to be?

Gilmore Girls Reunion luke lorelai jess

Where are Luke and Lorelai in 2015? We have more detailed answers from the cast below, but the inn owner and grumpy diner runner are meant to be. Even after Amy Sherman-Palladino left the couple she brought together from the pilot through their first kiss the will-they-won’t-they-EVER couple was left in other hands. Lauren Graham stated, It didn’t, for me, end in a satisfying way.”

Do note fear she followed up by saying, “I think they’re together, 100 percent.” Feels good, right?

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What are the citizens of Stars Hollow doing now?

Gilmore Girls past

15 years later, what are the residents of Stars Hollow up to? The cast offers their thoughts on where they think your favorites ended up!

Lauren Graham (“Lorelai Gilmore”):) “I just want to say, I don’t dislike Bobby Flay…” (Lauren was a bit distracted from a prior comment.)

Alexis Bledel (“Rory Gilmore”): Alexis brings us back in saying, “I think Rory would be a journalist. She’d be working hard and on a highly ambitious career path post academia.”

Kelly Bishop (“Emily Gilmore”): “I actually think that if Richard were still with us, we’d be pretty much the same. I think we were very comfortable with that life with the country clubs and the right people. But now, Emily is a widow. That’s a whole other world, so I’m not sure where she is.”

Scott Patterson (Luke Danes): “For me there are two scenarios. Luke has either stayed in town and put his nose to the grindstone. The other scenario is that he moves to a lake. He reopened Luke’s Diner and it’s a bait and tackle shop. He fly fishes in the nice weather.”

Are you asking the same question we are yet? Lauren Graham has you covered!

Lauren Graham: “Does he have a girlfriend?”

Scott Patterson: “I was getting there! Lorelai is coming out for a fly-fishing lesson.”

Gilmore Girls Finale

Milo Ventimiglia (“Jess Mariano”)” “Jess is out being Jess and walking away when too many people show up.”

Keiko Agena (“Lane Kim”): “Lane is trying to figure out what type of mom she wants to be. She wants to be Lorelai, but in her heart she is a little Mrs. Kim. I hope she is still playing music with Hep Alien.”

Yanic Truesdale (“Michele Gerard”): “Well it’s a tough one fore Michele because I never understood how he ended up in that town. But [he would be] patronizing people, for sure, somewhere. Maybe at an inn that he now owns or in Paris because he could not deal with Americans anymore.”

Liza Weil (“Paris Geller”): “I like to think that Paris and Doyle are still together. I hope they are just supporting each other and taking over the f*cking world, man!”

Matt Czuchry (“Logan Huntzberger”): “Logan would not be working.”

Liz Torres (“Miss Patty”): “I always thought she’d end up with you, Scott [Luke] because women fall in love with cold and withholding men. Or running for mayor of Stars Hollow and win and she would call Taylor at three in the morning because she didn’t know what she was doing.”

Jared Padalecki (“Dean Forester”): “Dean would have worked long and hard and would have taken over Doose’s Market.”

Danny Strong (“Doyle McMaster”): “Definitely married to Paris still and probably a reporter working at a website thinking everyone he’s working for is an idiot.”

Watch a special performance by Hep Alien at ATX!

Photo Credit: Waytao Shing

Photo Credit: Waytao Shing

Click the photo to watch!

Jackson Douglas (“Jackson Belleville”): “That’s hard to answer. I think I was kind of the town fool and Amy would say how can we torture ‘Jackson?’ But to give a real answer the vasectomy never took and I’m actually farming children now.”

Todd Lowe (“Zach Van Gerbig”): “Zach got to come back to his hometown where he went to college with his hot wife and best friend and rock the sh*t out the place where he used to make lattes for people.”

John Cabrera (“Brian Fuller”): “I always imagined that Brian had a tech start up with a music app. But I always liked the idea that Brian developed a close bond with the twins.”

Those final four words

Will we ever hear the four words Amy Sherman-Palladino has written for her beloved series? Unless the stars align for the perfect project, keep wishing!

Until then, the immortal words of Carol King will have to do.

You can watch the Gilmore Girls series on Netflix today!

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