The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is officially happening, and we have a lot of questions. We’re looking at you, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Thank you, Netflix. The much rumored Gilmore Girls revival is really, really happening. I’m sure you understand that I need to keep repeating that to myself every so often, as a reminder that this is not a dream. Not only will we find out what happened to our favorite characters after Gilmore Girls season 7, we are essentially getting four mini-Gilmore Girls movies thanks to the four planned 90 minute episodes.

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We couldn’t be more excited, and with filming kicking off in Los Angeles now is the perfect time to check in on all the things Gilmore Girls still needs to answer. We have already thought about how some of the big questions could be answered, but we still have a lot more. In summary: Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino, please tell us what happened to every single character who ever appeared on the show.

  1. How is Emily managing without Richard?
  2. Did she downsize?
  3. Did she move to Stars Hollow to be closer to her family?
  4. Did she try to buy (okay, timeshare) another plane?
  5. Do they still have Friday Night Dinners?
  6. gilmore girls revival questions

  7. How has Lorelai coped with the loss of her father?
  8. Is she still in Stars Hollow?
  9. Is she a hotel mogul now?
  10. Does she still employ Michel despite him being the worst employee ever?
  11. Where is Sookie??? (Update: She’s coming back afterall!)
  12. gilmore girls revival questions

  13. Is Lorelai still in touch with Christopher?
  14. What is he doing now?
  15. Has he finally moved on from Lorelai?
  16. Are Rory and Christopher still close?
  17. Do Gigi and Rory spend time together?
  18. gilmore girls revival questions

  19. Is Rory still a journalist?
  20. Did she stay at the White House following Obama’s win?
  21. Does that mean she and Obama are BFFs now?
  22. Did she achieve her dream of becoming a foreign correspondent?
  23. Is she in another serious relationship?
  24. gilmore girls revival questions

  25. Are Luke and Lorelai still together?
  26. Did they finally get married?
  27. Do they have kids?
  28. Has their relationship forced awkward small talk meetings for Rory and Jess?
  29. Is Jess a famous author?
  30. gilmore girls revival questions

  31. Does Jess act as a big brother to April?
  32. Is April in college now?
  33. What is April and Lorelai’s relationship like?
  34. Does Luke still see Anna?
  35. Are Anna and Lorelai friends?
  36. gilmore girls revival questions

  37. What happened to Dean?
  38. Has he graduated to being manager at Doose’s Market?
  39. Do he and Lorelai have awkward run-ins in the frozen food aisle?
  40. Has he remarried?
  41. Did he and Rory ever get closure?
  42. gilmore girls revival questions

  43. Has Logan finally had success in business?
  44. Do Colin and Finn still follow him everywhere?
  45. Do they still have Life and Death Brigade adventures?
  46. Has Logan finally earned his father’s approval?
  47. Has he found a replacement Rory?
  48. gilmore girls revival questions

  49. What high-powered career did Paris settle on?
  50. Did she become a lawyer?
  51. Did she change her name to Bonnie…?
  52. Is she still with Doyle?
  53. Are they the ultimate power couple?
  54. gilmore girls revival questions

  55. Does Hep Alien still perform?
  56. Are Lane and Zack rockstars?
  57. Is Brian their nanny?
  58. Is Mrs Kim their manager?
  59. Has anyone found Mr Kim?
  60. gilmore-girls-revival-12

  61. Are the residents of Stars Hollow still living their amazing lives?
  62. What 4 million jobs does Kirk have?
  63. Are he and Lulu still together?
  64. Is Taylor still town selectman?
  65. Has Lorelai finally convinced Luke of the value of town meetings?
  66. gilmore-girls-revival-13

  67. Did the town troubadour make it big?
  68. Is (dog) Paul Anka still alive and kicking?
  69. Where are Luke and Lorelai living now?
  70. Has Luke branched out into franchises?
  71. Do they double date with Liz and TJ?
  72. gilmore-girls-netflix-revival-6

  73. How has Lorelai and Rory’s relationship changed over time?
  74. Have they ever had another big fight?
  75. How has Lorelai and Emily’s relationship changed without Richard?
  76. Does Emily finally approve of Luke?
  77. Is she still meddling in Lorelai and Rory’s lives?
  78. gilmore girls revival questions

  79. And finally, what are those final four words???

What questions do you need answered in the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix revival?

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