6:40 pm EDT, October 3, 2016

‘Gilmore Girls’ fans grab a free coffee at Luke’s Diner!

Gilmore Girls fans can grab a cup of Luke’s coffee for free when Netflix takes over nearly 200 coffee shops!

Set your alarm, as long as it isn’t fuzzy, and jump start your morning with a cup of coffee from Luke’s Diner! On October 5 fans can head to one of over 200 coffee shops across the U.S. and Canada converted into the Gilmore Girls landmark.

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Netflix’s bottomless budget strikes again this time in the form of coffee, t shirts, and other branded material to promote the show. No word on whether or not flannel shirts and baseball caps will be given to the shops’ proprietors. Netflix will be picking up the tab for the first 250 cups of coffee sold in store.

Need an extra incentive to get up early? Fans can expect a “fun surprise under their custom Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve.”

Check out the complete list of locations!

While you wait in line, check out some of our favorite Luke’s Diner moments!

Lukes diner sign gilmore girls

Luke’s Diner Top 10

  1. Lorelai proposes to Luke!
  2. Luke blows up stupid balloons and bakes a stupid birthday coffee cake for Rory
  3. Luke and Lorelai plan to repaint the diner and find his dad’s list
  4. Jess offers Rory an umbrella during the construction
  5. Kirk drives Taylor’s vintage car through the front window
  6. Taylor puts a window in between their establishments
  7. Kirk practices his first date etiquette
  8. Luke terrifies April’s birthday party with crazy diner rules
  9. Zach proposes to Lane!
  10. The first line of the series is uttered!

gilmore girls

Is there a location near you? Let us know all about your experience! If not share your favorite Luke’s Diner memory!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on November 25.

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