12:30 pm EST, January 30, 2016

Lauren Graham talks emotional return to ‘Gilmore Girls’

The first Gilmore Girls table read is in the books. Find out what Lauren Graham thought and how she felt returning to the set after all these years.

Wherever Amy Sherman-Palladino leads, Gilmore Girls fans are sure to follow. Nothing is quite as gratifying to a fan than knowing that the lead actress and entire supporting cast and crew are as excited and dedicated to your beloved series as you are. No one shows this type of enthusiasm quite like Lauren Graham.

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Speaking to TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, Stars Hollow’s original Gilmore Girls guru, Graham gave a rundown of her first day back with her co-stars, what it was like to see her home again, and teases those final four words.

Going home

Not only will we see that familiar blue Stars Hollow sign return to the WB lot, but Luke’s will reopen and the Gilmore house will return.


Graham described seeing the set again for the first time. “The house. (She gets choked up) It’s on a different stage but it’s… the house. Alexis [Bledel] and I walked onto the set together and — I feel super emotional about a lot of it and I’m afraid I’m going to start crying at every turn — but walking onto that set really felt like something,” she said.

The return of another staple of the Gilmore family remains in question — is the Jeep still alive?

On the great loss of Ed Hermann

Since Gilmore Girls will pick up in real time, a major loss looms over the family. Ed Herrmann passed away in December 2014. Kelly Bishop, who played his wife Emily Gilmore for seven seasons, mentioned at the reunion hosted by ATX Festival this past summer that if a revival were to happen, Emily would be a widow. Graham commented yesterday, “There’s a line [in the script] about how time has passed and how that feels… and hanging over all of it is the absence of Ed [Herrmann], which, obviously the [revival] addresses. But that’s where we’re all starting from, and it feels so real. It’s hard to be here without him.”


During the reunion a tribute to Herrmann played featuring his best moments with each character during the run of the series. Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the house.

What about those final four words

Lauren Graham now knows the final words of Gilmore Girls. Held secret by Amy Sherman-Palladino for years, the words never made it into the series finale after the Palladino’s left the show in season 6. Graham revealed that the words are spoken by Rory and Lorelai in an exchange. We’ll allow you a moment or two to collect your emotions.


The long work days are back and with them returns Palladino’s signature marathon style dialogue! When speaking to Hypable at the ATX Festival this summer, the cast reflected on the intense training exercise the Gilmore Girls scripts provided. Hopefully that muscle memory kicks in quickly for the revival. Graham doesn’t seem to be worried. She said, “Amy sent me the scripts and I gobbled them right up. It’s all the positive aspects of running into someone you used to go out with with none of the downside. It’s like, ‘Hey, old friend! I’m happy to see you.'”

Some faces are missing, but are they coming back?

There were some notable absences at the first table read, although no names were mentioned. However, that does not mean that the entire Stars Hollow gang won’t make some sort of appearance.


Graham noted, “You notice so many friendly faces and then a few that are missing.” Even without some of the bigger, and smaller, players let’s follow Lauren Graham’s lead and focus on the magnitude of what is happening! Graham said of the first table read, “But more than anything, we [the cast] just can’t believe it. All of the things that had to happen for this to happen.”

What things? Oh, right! How about the invention of Netflix for one? Thanks, Netflix. We forgive you for all of those lost weekends.

We are starting in the best ‘Gilmore’ season: Winter


The table read, which just happened yesterday, ran through the first of the four seasons titled, “Winter.” What can we expect to see in those first 90 minutes? Graham mentioned, “I read a scene with Kelly [Bishop] today… and it was just completely alive. We have some really nice story together. And there’s definitely some resolution that we didn’t get.”

Can fans officially be excited?

Break out the party poppers, champagne flutes, and all the appropriate emojis. It is no secret that the cast of Gilmore Girls felt less than thrilled with the ending of their series. The show and these characters meant a great deal to everyone involved with the project. So when Lauren Graham says, “I was completely satisfied with these scripts. It’s what I hoped it would be,” it is officially time to celebrate.


Graham recognizes that none of this would be possible without the support of Gilmore Girls fans. The outpouring of enthusiasm and joy is just completely humbling and so appreciated. I sound like some terrible self-help guru, but I feel so full of appreciation.

We’re sure fans will echo Lauren Graham’s final comments when the show finally premieres on Netflix. Graham concluded, “I have full appreciation and respect for what this moment is and I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible.”

Until then…


Check back for more Gilmore Girls news as it happens!

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