4:15 pm EDT, November 23, 2016

These ‘Gilmore Girls’ mashup posters will make your day

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is almost here, and these geeky mashup posters are calling your name!

Illustrated by cartoon artist Chari Pere, the Gilmore Girls mashup posters add a pop-culture dimension to the art of A Year in the Life. Following in the spirit of the seasonal posters released for the Netflix series, Pere blends the coffee-loving chic of Lorelai and Rory with familiar names and stories.

Winter puts the girls in Westeros, wrapped up against the coming cold like Ned Stark (and three cups of coffee between them.)


Spring takes a cue from the popular musical Spring Awakening, reimagined as a “re-awakening.” Naturally, the ladies of Gilmore Girls are now mixing it up with their coffee.


Summer calls back to Marc Webb’s quirky comedy (500) Days of Summer. This time, it’s 90 minutes, with about as many cups of joe.


And finally, fall hails back to the 1994 melodrama Legends of the Fall, as Lorelai and Rory take their place as television legends.


Pere, who likes to identify as “Generation G” thanks to the series, says that she has Netflix to thank for her relatively new obsession with Gilmore Girls.

“I’d been told by many people that I’d love it, but I didn’t watch it until the series came on Netflix,” she says. “Then I binged harder than Lorelai could at a free buffet at Luke’s Diner.”

Pere says that she was “beyond excited” to learn about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But the Los Angeles-based artist says that she found herself wanting more out of the posters for the series, which will consist of four 90-minute episodes. Inspired by the season-based advertising, Pere hatched her first idea.

“The first episode is called ‘Winter’, so of course, as a Game of Thrones fan, the first thought that popped into my head was ‘Winter Is Coming,'” she says. “And once the first mashup was created, the pun fan in me naturally tried to create cultural mashups for the other seasons.”

“Then, the cartoonist in me naturally needed to put the images in my head to paper.”

In addition to her artistic contribution, Pere plans to hold a Gilmore Girls-themed party for the release of A Year in the Life on Nov. 25. (The food will be “unhealthily delicious” and inspired by the series, while sacrilegious cocoa and tea will be provided for non-coffee-drinkers.)


Pere also hopes that her Gilmore Girls-inspired art will help lift the mood in a generally gloomy social media scene.

“I have a blog called Hug O’ The Day in which I simply draw hugs,” she says. “It’s been a way for me to add a little happiness and positivity back into it. I drew a Gilmore Girls hug last year when I first heard about the revival announcement.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

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