If you raised your man-hackles at the thought of an all-female Ghostbusters, wait till Paul Feig does the same to Back to the Future!

Ah, April Fools’ day. Online journalism’s best/worst day of the year, depending on your point of view.

We all made valiant attempts to win the day, but I gotta hand it to Paul Feig, who managed to poke fun at himself, his haterz and the ridiculous fear of all-female reboots all in one glorious tweet:

Feig, of course, faced a completely unwarranted level of backlash for his all-female Ghostbusters reboot. People pretended to be outraged about reboots in general (so where’s the protests and death threats against The Mummy, again…?) but of course the hate was ultimately rooted in a generation of men who didn’t want their childhood hiding place overrun by a bunch of girls.

That’s what made this tweet so brilliant, because the Back to the Future franchise of course taps into the same segment of fans, and an all-female reboot is just as ‘unthinkable.’

Obviously nobody actually wants a Back to the Future reboot (and writer Robert Zemeckis has done his best to prevent it from ever happening, bless him).

Personally though, if it had to happen I’d want this to be true, because I want to watch the world burn am very, very over the hate campaigns. Marie McFly, here we come!

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