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‘Ghostbusters’ movie review: You just got Holtzman-ed!

When you want something fun, dun dun, on your movie screen, dun dun, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Whether you consider yourself a lifelong, dedicated Ghostbusters fan who can spout Bill Murray’s lines at the drop of a hat, or you step into this movie with absolutely no knowledge of what has come before, you will not be disappointed by Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. (In case you’re confused: Yes, in some promotional material Sony is calling the movie “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call”)

McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon, Jones, and Hemsworth represent a new evolution to the beloved franchise, and do so with the utmost reverence for what has come before. At no point in Ghostbusters did I question the motives of this movie, or its cast, crew, and creative forces.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call is a gift to fans young and old, of any gender, of any economic status, and will charm the pants off you if you just give it a fair chance to do so. Here’s our Ghostbusters (2016) review:


Jokes that land

Comedy is hard. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, not everyone can buy into the premise of a joke and appreciate it, and every single person comes at a joke from a different place. I find the humor in Ghostbusters to be delightful, fun workplace humor from a foursome that has never failed to deliver when it comes to laughs.

Perhaps some of my most hearty giggles come every time the ladies reference the crazy, bitter rantings of their online critics within the story. Knowing the battles this movie has fought before anyone even had a film to judge, it felt satisfying and wholly appropriate for Ghostbusters to send a jab or two back at the naysayers.

A phenomenal cast

Ghostbusters ghostbusting Paul Feig Kristen Wiig Melissa McCarthy Kate McKinnon Leslie Jones

Anyone who has seen an episode of Saturday Night Live with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and/or Kate McKinnon, or has witnessed the glories of Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, knows exactly what each of these talented comedians is capable of, and has delivered since the start of their career.

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Each of the girls brings something different to the table, and each proves why they have more than earned the title of Ghostbuster. While Wiig and McCarthy are busy grounding the movie with heart and soul, Jones and McKinnon are stealing the show by never letting an inch of the frame go unused. The quartet simply brings out the best in each other throughout the movie’s one hour and 56 minute runtime.

It’s impossible to talk about this movie without addressing Chris Hemsworth and his hysterical turn as the airheaded receptionist. The girls hire his character to answer phones simply because he’s the only applicant, and while he may not earn his living with the quality of his work, his presence brings joy to all around him. Sometimes that joy is the pleasure of rolling your eyes at his latest empty-headed musings, but it’s joy all the same.

No need for romance

I could not be happier to note that there is no romance to scoff at in Ghostbusters. These ladies are too busy trying to kick some ghost ass to worry about their personal lives or dwell on their romantic pasts. I mean, sure, Wiig’s Erin Gilbert may hit on Hemsworth’s Kevin, but it’s more of a physical admiration kind of flirting, rather than the meaningful, angsty kind.

Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzman Kate McKinnon

There has been talk lately regarding the sexualities of the characters, especially Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon). There are no blatant overtures declaring her preference for men or women, but there is definitely room to play with her preferences if Ghostbusters finds itself in sequel territory. I would love to learn more about her relationship with Abby in particular, but am more than thankful that was saved for possible future installments rather than distracting from the adventures of the 2016 Ghostbusters.

Just enough nostalgia

So many familiar faces returned for cameos in Ghostbusters, and each had a moment to shine before sliding quietly back into the din. You’ll smile when Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Sigourney Weaver each have their moment, and gasp to see a bust of Harold Ramis make an appearance. This movie has a lot to thank its predecessor for, and it does so with grace and respect, while also stamping a whole new niche out for itself.

And in case you’re wondering, one of those cameos includes a fangirl-squeal inducing, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” delivery, giving just one more nod to the genius that came before.

Creative and fun special effects

The colorful smoke clouds and vapors used to bring the ghosts to life in Ghostbusters bring a lively new energy to the film. They are fun and engaging and up the ante with each new ghost the ladies confront. In the final battle, it is thrilling to watch each of our heroes take a shot at the mesmorizingly vibrant ghost hoard and utilize their proton-wielding weapons to take them down.

Ghostbusters special effects Leslie Jones Patty Tolan

The effects used for the weapons were also top notch. Whether the foursome are waging war on a single entity in the subway or testing out new weapons in a back alley, the forces used to save the world from the paranormal threats were badass and powerfully designed.


For once, we don’t have any. The acting in this movie is hilarious, it’s written deftly, created beautifully, and is waiting for each and every naysayer to come and see what glorious fun Paul Feig and his friends have cooked up. If you want weaknesses and negativity, check out the myriad of other reviews across the web that could not find it in their hearts to judge Ghostbusters on its own merits.


Ghostbusters delivers everything you want from it. The leading ladies are funny and engaging throughout the film as they triumph over villains both paranormal and political. They fight to save New York City from supernatural annihilation and don’t give a flying you-know-what about how they look doing it.

This movie is packed full of fun, adventure, laughs, and thrills that will cement its place at the top of this summer’s blockbuster rankings. Take your loved ones, young and old, and enjoy a lighthearted piece of cinema that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

I fully expect to see swarms of girls dressed as their favorite Ghostbuster this Halloween, and they may get an extra piece of candy or two from this fangirl. I only wish I could step back in time and don my proton pack alongside them.

Oh, and make sure you stay for the closing credits! There are some true gems hidden throughout, including footage of Kevin leading a dance off and a hint at where a possible sequel could go from here.

Grade: A

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