Get your first look at ‘Halo 4’

11:15 am EDT, March 5, 2012

The first screens and few beginning details from 343 Studio’s Halo 4 have been released after the game was shown off at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase last week.

The first thing many die-hard fans will notice is that Master Chief looks a little different than in the previous entries. His armor appears a little lighter and more flexible in the first screen.

The development team also stated that multiplayer would fit into the Halo fiction this time around and that maps will not just be rehashed levels from the campaign.

Customization is being brought to a new level in Halo 4. Custom armor pieces will have more than just cosmetic value on the battlefield.

As for the single-player, the developers did not say much, only that it will be a “more personal story.”

You can check out the first screens from the game below.

Are you excited for the return of Master Chief this fall?

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