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Sci-fi Geek Gifts: What to get the Star Wars and ‘Doctor Who’ fans in your life

This week’s Geek Gifts is supersized! Find out what to get for the science-fiction geeks in your life this holiday season.

For the next three weeks, we’re doing Geek Gifts a little differently. Instead of picking just one geeky item each, we’ve pooled Hypable’s collective powers and come up with a list of gifts you can get the fantasy geek in your life.

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Geek Gifts is a weekly feature article written by Donya Abramo and Karen Rought. With every installment, the duo picks out a fandom-related item they’ve recently come across and describes it in loving detail. There are no product placements here. We only talk about items we’re excited to share with the rest of the world.

Your Geek Gifts come in a variety of ways, be it jewelry, clothing, games, or something else entirely. We strive to remain unbiased, and we plan on constantly expanding our own horizons as we search for new and interesting pieces. The only requirement is that it must give us the burning need to open our wallets and throw money at its creator.


Star Wars

Seeing as Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in just a few days, we thought it would be prudent to give it its own section.

star wars cookie cutters

Now your Star Wars-obsessed recipient can make good on their enticement to the Dark Side with some appropriately shaped cookies. Whatever flavor they’re baked in — we’d recommend gingerbread for the holidays! — these cookie cutters will provide the perfect snack for your Star Wars binging sessions, pre- and post-The Force Awakens. Besides, they won’t be able to eat all those cookies alone…

Price: $23.96 | Williams Sonoma



Taking out fully operational, planet destroying space stations is hard work — but now it can be done with a little more style. These Rebel Alliance themed headphones are great for showing loyalty to the “light” side (they come in Galactic Empire too, if this gift is intended for someone a little… darker), while blasting the Star Wars soundtrack in preparation for The Force Awakens. However, we can’t guarantee your humming will sound quite as good as the cast themselves.

Price: $165.95| ThinkGeek


lightsaber chop sticks

There’s no rule saying your chopsticks have to be made out of wood — we checked. These amazing miniature lightsabers can do the job just fine. Not only do they look amazing, but they also light up!

Price: $22.95 | Amazon


bb8 lifesize plush

What is it about BB-8 that has stolen our hearts instantly and completely? We just can’t get enough of the droid, and now there’s a life-sized version you can cuddle through all of your Force Awakens feelings. Maybe you can keep this one for yourself…

Price: $49.99 | ThinkGeek


chewbacca onesie

Our winters are no Hoth, but this Chewbacca onesie is perfect for snuggling down in with some hot cocoa over the holiday — pair it with those Star Wars cookies and the Original Trilogy and you’ve got yourself a party. Bonus points if you can pull off an uncanny Chewbacca impression. Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!

Price: $24.99 | Target



Everyone loves a good mashup. And what could possibly make Star Wars more awesome? Sharks. Sharks make it more awesome. Sharks in spaaaaace.

Price: $20.00 | Look Human


Everything else

sonic screwdriver pizza cutter

Who looks at a pizza cutter and thinks, “Oooh, this could be a little more sonic?” Doctor Who fans, that’s who! With accompanying sonic-y sound effects — and let’s face it, who doesn’t make ridiculous sound effects when they’re cooking alone, anyway — you can take pizza preparation to another galaxy. Fezzes are entirely optional.

Price: $22.06 | Amazon



The warrant is all. Well, that and this awesome Killjoys t-shirt. This one flew under the radar of most sci-fi fans back in the summer, but with season 2 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to indulge your obsession — or your recipient’s. And if you need a good bribe to get someone to watch it and join you before the show returns? Swag always helps. What can we say? We’re terrible enablers…

Price: $23.50 | Redbubble


The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

We reviewed this book when it was released earlier this year, as well as interviewed author David A. Goodman at San Diego Comic-Con about his experiences writing about the iconic Starfleet Captain. If you have a bibliophile Trekkie on your Christmas list, who just can’t get enough Kirk in their life, this is the perfect gift — especially with the Star Trek 50th Anniversary just around the corner.

Price: $14.02 | Amazon


doctor who x-files shirt

Oh, the Doctor would have a field day with blowing Scully’s mind, wouldn’t he? This awesome shirt features our favorite alien investigators from X-Files and the TARDIS from Doctor Who. The Doctor isn’t in sight, but you know he’s already calculating the places he’s going to take these two.

Price: $22.99 | Sugar Poultry



There’s nothing quite like getting socks at Christmas. And now you can add a geeky and punderful twist to the tradition of sock-giving, with a pair of “Spocks.” Yeah, that’s right. Spocks. Your Trek-obsessed recipient will be delighted with this gift, and it’ll keep their toes nice and warm through the long winter months. It’s only logical, after all.

Price: Currently Sold Out | Threadless


tardis mean girls

You never knew you wanted a Doctor Who/Mean Girls crossover until you saw this, did you? Let’s be real — Ten and Eleven would totally pull out a Mean Girls quote much to the groans of their companions.

Price: $20.00 | Look Human


firefly jar shirt

It’s a firefly. This shirt is both genius and adorable, and the perfect gift for any Firefly fan. It’s simple but clever, and it shows off your loyalty to the Browncoats.

Price: $22.00 | Black Ice Tees


fifth element candles

Is The Fifth Element the greatest science-fiction movie of all time? Probably not. Do I think it is? Definitely. They’re a bit on the steep side, but if you know someone who is a serious collector, they need these candles in their life. As a replica of the stones used in the film, your loved one can set them up and pretend they’re the fifth element.

Price: $149.99 | Psyber Market



Set this phaser to fun, because watching Netflix just got a whole lot more awesome. Not only is this Star Trek: Original Series remote control well suited for channel surfing, but it’s also perfect for those impromptu away missions. So, whether you’re chilling on your sofa watching re-runs of the show that boldly went where no one had before, or you’re donning your Starfleet uniform at your local convention, this is a great gift for any geeky occasion.

Price: $149.95 | Star Trek Shop


robot soap

This is one of our more generic suggestions, but robots and science-fiction go together like elves and fantasy. They’re super cute, you get a couple in one batch, and they even come with their very own windup key! Great for kids and adults alike.

Price: $5.50 | The Charming Frog



Get ready to join the Colonial Fleet with this Battlestar Galactica dog tag inspired keychain. Sure, we can’t guarantee your car will spontaneously acquire an FTL drive, but a little imagination never hurt anyone. It can be fully personalized with a name and serial number too, which makes this a completely unique gift for any Galactica fan. So say we all!

Price: $8.00 | Interstait


doctor who cutting board

Why limit your geekiness to just a few rooms in the house? This Doctor Who cutting board lets you expand your horizons into the kitchen. Eleven is kind of picky, though, so be wary of what you decide to chop on it. The hilarious pun is definitely an added bonus.

Price: $45.00 | Cutting Boredom

Will you be putting any of these sci-fi geek gifts on your own wish list?

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