The Game of Thrones webseries School of Thrones is coming. Find out when, and see a new group photo from the prom!

#PromisComing is the official tagline for School of Thrones, the webseries which has been created by a talented team of Game of Thrones fans, and whose cast includes Starkid’s Joey Richter (Theon Greyjoy) and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries‘ stars Mary Kate Wiles (Sansa Stark) and Maxwell Glick (Stannis Baratheon). And unlike the uncertainty of when winter’s actually going to show up in the original Game of Thrones series, we now know exactly when prom is coming!

We have already told you that the webseries will be landing on YouTube on Sunday, March 10, but now the official Twitter account has revealed that the exact time the first episode goes live will be 12:00 noon PST. Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel in advance.

Along with the announcement also came this great group photo, which depicts the whole cast at what looks like the all-important Westeros Valley High prom. Who will run off with the title of prom King and Queen, essentially establishing themselves as the true rulers of Westeros? Only time will tell…

School of Thrones prom

Other School of Thrones cast members include Ashly Burch as Daenerys, Marisha Ray as Melisandre, Luke Morgan as Joffrey, Sax Carr as Varys, Michael Coleman as Littlefinger, and Matthew Boehm and Brendan Bradley as the power couple Loras and Renly, pictured above. We can’t wait to see these characters re-imagined as high school students and teachers!

Will you be checking out the first episode of ‘School of Thrones’?

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