In a new interview, Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner discusses next week’s season finale and hints at what’s next for Sansa Stark! Beware of mild spoilers.

After rising to the occasion in Sunday’s episode “Blackwater” and calming down the ladies when Queen Cersei couldn’t, what’s next for the second-oldest Stark child? Turner talks to Access Hollywood about the season finale, saying:

What you’re going to see for Sansa, is there’s going to be a big change, a turn of events for her. There’s a big twist as well.

She also discusses the fan-favourite relationship between Sansa and Sandor Clegane (or SanSan, if you will). She reveals:

I don’t think you see much of Sandor until next season, but hopefully there will be a development yet again in Sansa and Sandor’s relationship. I love their relationship, I think it’s a very complicated one, but I think it’s very beautiful, in a way, because Sandor’s been through so much and he’s been at the hands of bullying from his older brother, and he’s seeing this happen to Sansa, who is very vulnerable, not in terms of mental ability, but in terms of physicality.

On how Cersei and Sansa’s relationship will change following the events of “Blackwater”:

I think it’s gonna make her relationship with Cersei worse because Sansa’s just been left alone to deal with all these women who are kind of hysterical about this war and they all think they’re going to die… So, Sansa has to take it into her own hands, and it’s very hard for her, because she’s been through a lot and she kind of has to encourage these girls that it’s going to be OK. I think she’s gonna resent Cersei for that.

Read the full interview at Access Hollywood! And as always we encourage book fans to stay light on the spoilers in the comments, and non-book fans to practice constant vigilance.

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