9:00 pm EST, January 13, 2019

The ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere date has been announced, and we are not ready

A new teaser reveals when the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere kicks off the final season.

The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere date is April 14, 2019. It’s true, folks: All men must die, and all shows must end.

This Game of Thrones season 8 teaser is almost certainly filmed for promotional purposes, and probably doesn’t offer any footage from the final season. But the material is no less chilling for that.

The theme of the teaser is Stark through and through, as Jon, Sansa, and Arya walk the crypts of Winterfell — and Bran is referred to in the raven feather that falls to the tunnel floor. Jon passes by his mother Lyanna’s statue, as her dying words echo, while Sansa and Arya pass their mother Catelyn, who blames herself for not loving Jon. Jon also hears Lord Eddard’s words, calling him a Stark, no matter his name.

This is all nice and recollective, but the Game of Thrones season 8 teaser takes a turn for the terrifying when the two-and-a-half Starks find themselves before statues of their own likenesses, marking their own graves. The fallen feather is consumed by ice, and as the cold rushes toward them, Jon and Arya raise their blades — but there seems to be nothing they can do.

That’ll give you a chill, and no mistake.

It’s hard to say exactly what this teaser means, beyond, well, Winter is Coming and it’s going to be deadly. Are Jon, Arya, and Sansa doomed? Will Bran be consumed by the Night King, giving his siblings time to prepare? What does this say for the fates of Daenerys, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, and the rest of the sprawling cast?

We don’t know yet, but at least we know when we’ll know.

Though the April timeframe for the end of Game of Thrones has been known for some time, HBO remained maddeningly mum on the specific date for the six-episode final season. Now, GOT-heads around the world can start planning their Game of Thrones season 8 premiere parties, as well as their plans for the finale.

It’s worth keeping in mind that though the season will be abbreviated, each episode is expected to run far longer than an hour. So, you know, make sure you actually like everyone you invite over on April 14, 2019.

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The release date was revealed tonight before the premiere of True Detective season 3, because Maharshala Ali didn’t need ALL of that thunder anyway.

The announcement of the Game of Thrones final season premiere date is exciting, but also bittersweet for fans who have ridden the Westeros rollercoaster since April 2011. So many questions remain to be answered — will Dany or Jon take the Iron Throne? Will Bran face off against the Night King? What’s the deal with Cersei’s baby? Is Tyrion, like, okay? And most importantly, is anyone going to survive this notoriously bloodthirsty series?

We’ll have to wait and see, but at least we can finally start the countdown.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres on Sunday, April 14 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

What are your plans for the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 premiere?

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