Get those tissues (and cameras) ready, because winter is coming and not everyone is going to make it! Here are our totally accurate Game of Thrones season 7 death predictions!

Of course, a comprehensive list of all of the doomed characters in Game of Thrones season 7 would be impossible to compile. (Heck, we probably haven’t even met them all yet!) View this list as highlight reel, if you will; a brief tour amongst those doomed by the bloodiest show on television.

But as the epic series’ penultimate season, we’re convinced that Game of Thrones is due for a serious culling this year. So from the obvious to the likely, from the shocking to the “What are you smoking?” this is our list of the last seen in Game of Thrones season 7.

Please note that this list is not legally binding, and we are not responsible for any emotional breakdowns inspired by these predictions. That’s what Twitter is for!

10 characters who are definitely going to die in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7

game of thrones season 7

Jorah Mormont

Admittedly, Ser Friendzone is an easy pick for the Game of Thrones season 7 death list. Seemingly left behind in Essos with a deadly case of greyscale creeping across his flesh, Jorah is pretty explicitly marked for death — if a remarkably non-violent one for Game of Thrones. Last seen inspired by Daenerys to find a a cure for his disease, it doesn’t seem like unrequited love is going to quite do the job for Jorah. Farewell, scaly friend; may you pine no longer when you crust over and die.

game of thrones season 7


Oh, Bronn. Yes, though the shameless sellsword has traveled through the heat of the action unscathed until now, we think his lucky days are done. Kings Landing is going to be the epicenter of danger once again in Game of Thrones season 7 — have you seen those dragons? — and as far as meaningful incidental casualties go, he’s just about the only one left in the city.

Of course, Bronn could just turn tail and run. But come on, why should only the good suffer on Game of Thrones?

game of thrones season 7

Petyr Baelish

Times are a-changing (and rapidly!) in the Seven Kingdoms, but we don’t believe that Littlefinger is going to change with them. The perpetual schemer and improbable survivor of six deadly seasons is a man of structure — the corruption of King’s Landing and the power vacuum of Winterfell are his playgrounds.

But as winter, Daenerys, dragons, and the White Walkers all converge on Westeros, the game is changing. With Varys on her side, Daenerys will have no use for the slimy Baelish; even more importantly, stock in his skills is rapidly dropping. Intrigue and obsession mean nothing when the fate of the world hangs on an elemental battle between ice and fire.

Petyr Baelish is outliving his usefulness, and in Game of Thrones season 7, he will finally suffer the retribution he has so long deserved.

The Hound and Gregor Clegane

We know, we know, both Clegane brothers just came back to life! But the reanimated Gregor is a puppet of Cersei as power drains from her hands, and that’s a dead-end job if we’ve ever heard of one. And though Sandor is currently slogging Northward with Beric Dondarrion, we can’t help but feel that the his grandest (and final) hour looms large. Hopefully he’ll have the chance to reunite with Sansa before the end, but we can’t help but feel that the long-time Lannister lackey’s fate lies in the south.

And while a brother vs. brother battle to the death may be too epic to hope for… it would also be just the kind of epic that Game of Thrones season 7 needs to deliver. Good riddance to Gregor, but if the Hound has to go out with him, at least it will be satisfying.

game of thrones season 7

Theon and Yara Greyjoy

Yes, the Drowned God is beckoning to the Greyjoy siblings this season. Yara still has a conflict with her incredibly dangerous uncle Euron to resolve, and it seems very likely that the brash, powerful lady of the sea will be an early example made for Daenerys’ benefit. (Yes, we are preemptively irritated about this.)

As for Theon, we think that the long-suffering once-asshole deserves an end to his tragic arc. Theon’s sins are behind him now, and unless some previously unforeseen brilliance at strategy or combat makes itself known, it doesn’t seem like Theon will have all that much to do, once the engines of war return to Westeros.

But his story has been so treacherous and tortured that a noble death in defense of a good cause actually looks like a happy ending for Theon Greyjoy. Perhaps he’ll die saving Daenerys, or killing Euron’s — or if we’re really lucky, doing both simultaneously!

game of thrones season 7

Cersei and Jaime Lannister

Here are a few things we know:

1) As mentioned, Kings Landing is super dangerous right now. (See: Dragons.)
2) Cersei is sitting in Dany’s chair.
3) If it comes to a showdown between Cersei and Dany (which it will) literally all of our money is going to Dany.
Have we mentioned dragons?

So, with her children dead and her unhinged reign of vengeance and fear trickling out across Kings Landing, we’re really very sure that Cersei is not long for the Iron Throne — or life in general. Not only is Cersei Dany’s primary political obstacle, but we also think that the days of political intrigue are waning in Westeros. Cersei represents the old guard, with nothing to contribute to the battle against the White Walkers. She is a symptom of the game of thrones, and that game, as we know it, is ending.

And though it’s painful to say it, as goes Cersei, so goes Jaime. Ever conflicted between his love for Cersei and burgeoning moral consciousness, Jaime seems to have thrown his lot in with the Lannisters for good. And no matter how divided his heart, on both practical and thematic levels, the Lannister twins’ fate is inexorably linked.

Whether Jaime dies in defense of his toxic sister, or perhaps in a last act of rebellion against her, these two are destined to go out together — and soon.

Sansa Stark

Full disclosure: We’re partly writing this one in the hopes that, if predicted, this won’t happen. That being said, we still think that Sansa Stark’s odds of making it through Game of Thrones season 7 are… well, not looking great.

Like several other characters on this list, Sansa’s primary problem is that she stands in opposition to characters backed by much more fictional momentum. In this case, the much-previewed tension between Sansa and Jon Snow over leadership of Winterfell is already forming a potentially dangerous rift between the siblings. If it comes down to a choice between Jon and Sansa, Game of Thrones is Team Jon all the way, warg or die, baby, wooo.

Littlefinger’s fate is another factor working against Sansa. Petyr Baelish has been one of the most influential figures in Sansa’s six seasons of growth. She may have rejected his advances, but that doesn’t mean she’s ignoring his advice. And if the North continues to marginalize her in favor of Jon, might Sansa return to the devil she knows — with terrible consequences?

Adding to this dark mixture is the unfortunate precedent that no Stark reunion can unfold without tragedy. With both Arya and Bran aiming for Winterfell and Game of Thrones gearing up for its final act, we can’t imagine season 7 going without some kind of familial collision. But as poor Rickon reminds us, those moments of joy often come with a heavy price tag.

And with Jon and Bran both integral to the war against the Walkers, and Arya a universal fan-favorite with numerous names to slay before she rests, well… we’re very concerned for the singular Stark indeed.

The Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, “Dragonstone,” airs on Sunday, July 16 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

Who is on your Definitely Gonna Die list for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7?

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