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Another ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel may bring Targaryen times to HBO

HBO is considering a pilot order for another Game of Thrones prequel, this time focusing on the dragon lords.

Deadline reports that HBO is considering a pilot order for another Game of Thrones prequel — no, not the one with Naomi Watts.

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This new historical option comes from George R. R. Martin and Colony showrunner Ryan Condal, and will reportedly cover the history of House Targaryen in Westeros. Much of the story is supposed to come from Fire and Blood Vol. 1, Martin’s epic recounting of Targaryen history that was released last year.

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House Targaryen fled the freehold of Valyria before it was destroyed in the mysterious Doom, escaping to the island fortress of Dragonstone with their dragons. There, the family proliferated until Aegon the Conqueror and his two sisters and wives (#TargLife) invaded and conquered Westeros.

In typical Martinian fashion, Fire and Blood Vol. 1 is an enormous and often fascinating treatise that covers only about the first third of the line of Targaryen kings. It does, however, cover a pivotal civil war called the Dance of the Dragons, in which House Targaryen turned upon itself and was nearly destroyed. Though the line continued, the royal family lost nearly all of their dragons in the conflict, greatly altering the trajectory of their power.

The Dance of the Dragons has long been one of the rumored subjects of a Game of Thrones prequel at HBO. Dripping with history, battles, betrayal, romance, intrigue, and gore, the Dance is not a happy subject — but it is rich with material for an HBO series.

In the meantime, HBO has already greenlit another pilot set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones. Taking place long before Aegon’s Conquest, the series, which is helmed by Jane Goldman and stars Naomi Watts, is said to portray a protean iteration of the Seven Kingdoms — and the chilling creatures of its mythology.

According to George R. R. Martin, five potential prequels were being prepared for HBO’s consideration. The status of the remaining material remains unknown, but HBO has long expressed interest in continuing the cash-cow of Game of Thrones.

“I think Game of Thrones is a fantastic property,” HBO president Casey Bloys has said. “But I don’t want to just be the home of prequels and sequels and all that stuff. I think you want to be really careful about how you do it.”

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