As if hackers weren’t bad enough: HBO Spain mixed up episodes 5 and 6, releasing next Sunday’s episode a week early.

The Internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Game of Thrones season 7 hasn’t had an easy run. First came the plot synopsis leaks, then hackers broke into the HBO servers and are holding episodes ransom, then episode 4 leaked early and now, not to be outdone, HBO has spoiled episode 7 itself!

According to Mashable, HBO Spain accidentally made episode 6, due to air this Sunday, available online instead of last week’s episode “Eastwatch.”

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It was only online for an hour, but that was plenty of time for fans and/or leakers to get their hands on it and make it available elsewhere.

Although HBO is working to get the leaks down, plenty of people have now seen the episode and are sharing spoilers on social media (I’ve had to do a bit of muting myself already).

It was an unfortunate error on HBO’s part, but an error nonetheless, and we hope Game of Thrones fans will respect other viewers’ right to watch the episode on their own terms this Sunday, when it officially airs on HBO.

How to avoid the ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers on Twitter

A useful tip to help you avoid spoilers (in lieu of staying away from social media completely) on Twitter over the coming week is to go into your Settings and Privacy tab and find the Muted accounts/Muted words options on the lefthand sidebar.

If you know any people on Twitter that have watched the episodes and are likely to be tweeting spoilers, you can mute their accounts (just remember to unmute them after Sunday!), and you can also mute any words that could be associated with Game of Thrones and the leak.

Game of Thrones spoilers Twitter

Note: This is not guaranteed to keep all spoilers out of your timeline! But if you can eliminate the most commonly-used phrases/words and mute the people likely to tweet about or RT spoilers, you at least stand a chance.

Game of Thrones 7×06, titled “Death is the Enemy,” airs this Sunday on HBO.

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