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25 Daenerys Targaryen quotes that’ll make you feel like starting a revolution

Let's remember Dany for the good badass she's always been.

The most empowering Daenerys Targaryen quotes from Game of Thrones because you’re not just a Queen. You’re a Khaleesi.

Few characters on Game of Thrones have risen from the bottom, and stayed alive, as drastically and dramatically as Daenerys Targaryen. Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny her ability to attain power, and inspire people to her cause. Not to mention, she also has some of the most quotable lines in Game of Thrones.

Here are the best Daenerys Targaryen quotes for the days when you need to feel like a badass.

  1. I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyria – I am the Dragon’s Daughter. And I swear to you, that those who would harm you will die screaming.
    – S01E10, “Fire and Blood”
  2. And I swear this. If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive.
    – S07E02, “Stormborn”
  3. Not a Queen. A Khaleesi.
    – S01E03, “Lord Snow”
  4. You’re both here to advise me. I value your advice, but if you ever question me in front of strangers again, you’ll be advising someone else. Is that understood?
    – S03E03, “Walk of Punishment”
  5. We both want to help people. We can only help them from a position of strength. Sometimes strength is terrible.
    – S07E05, “Eastwatch”
  6. I’m no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.
    – S02E06, “The Old Gods and the New”
  7. Fire cannot kill a dragon.
    – S01E06, “A Golden Crown”
  8. Let the priests argue over good and evil. Slavery is real. I can end it. I will end it. And I will end those behind it.
    – S04E07, “Mockingbird”
  9. When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who have wronged me. We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground. Turn us away and we will burn you first.
    – S02E04, “Garden of Bones”
  10. I will answer injustice with justice.
    – S04E04, “Oathkeeper”
  11. Jorah: You cannot claim them all, Princess.
    Daenerys: I can, and I will.

    – S01E08, “The Pointy End”
  12. If I give everyone what they deserve, I’ll have no one left to rule.
    – S05E05, “Kill the Boy”
  13. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of Old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it.
    – S02E06, “The Old Gods and the New”
  14. Our fathers were evil men, all of us here. They left the world worse than they found it. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to leave the world better than we found it.
    – S06E09, “Battle of the Bastards”
  15. They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.
    – S04E07, “Mockingbird”
  16. Dracarys.
    – S03E04, “And Now His Watch is Ended”
  17. Angry snakes lash out. Makes chopping off their heads that much easier.
    – S05E01, “The Wars to Come”
  18. The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands.
    – S01E04, “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”
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  20. So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I’ve been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen.
    – S07E03, “Queen’s Justice”
  21. The Iron Throne is mine and I will take it.
    – S02E05, “The Ghost of Harrenhal”
  22. My enemies are in the Red Keep. What kind of a queen am I if I’m not willing to risk my life to fight them?
    – S07E04, “The Spoils of War”
  23. I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel.
    – S05E08, “Hardhome”
  24. Daenerys: I will not let those I have freed slide back into chains. I will not sail for Westeros.
    Jorah: What, then?
    Daenerys: I will do what queens do. I will rule.

    – S04E05, “First of His Name”
  25. [in Dothraki] You are small men. None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am. So I will.
    – S06E04, “Book of the Stranger”
  26. All men must die. But we are not men.
    – S03E03, “Walk of Punishment”

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