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‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Orphan Black’ feature in best TV quotes of the week ending April 24

‘Orphan Black’

Sarah: “Can I use your phone?”

Boy on Bus: “Can I touch your boob?”

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Sarah: “Cheeky!”

Orphan Black season 2, episode 1

Sarah Manning As she’s again on the run, Sarah keeps using phones that can’t be traced. She asks a seemingly naïve kid on the public bus if she can use his phone, and she gets an unexpected reply.
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‘Game of Thrones’

“But say what you will of Cersei, she loves her children. She’s the only one I’m certain had nothing to do with this murder…which makes it unique as King’s Landing murders go.”

Tyrion Lannister: While in his prison cell Tyrion tries to puzzle out, with the help of Podric Payne, why he is being framed for Joffrey’s death. So far the only person he can eliminate from the many likely suspects is Cersei, who ordinarily would have been at the top of his list.

Game of Thrones season 4, episode 3
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“Dean: I don’t know, Sammy. Looks like Jody might not need our help anymore.”

“Sam: Ah, they grow up so fast.”

“Dean: Don’t they.”
Supernatural season 9, episode 19

Dean and Sam Winchester, The boys have a rare, lighthearted moment with Winchesters reuniting with and teasing their friend/mother figure/hunter protégé Sheriff Jody Mills when she calls them in on a hunt.
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“Oliver, I know.
Arrow season 2, episode 20

Moira Queen: Moira Queen totally shocked everyone by telling her son that she not only knows he’s the Arrow, but has for a while now.
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Which were your favorite quotes?

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