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‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Orphan Black’ feature in best TV quotes of the week ending April 24

Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Mad Men and more topped our TV Quotes of the Week. Did your favorite show bring on the funny, the memorable, or the meta this week with quotable quotes?

Check it out, and see if our picks match your favorites. If you want to make sure your favorite quotes are featured next week, give a suggestion to the writer who usually covers your fandom in the recap discussion.

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‘Mad Men’

“Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”
Mad Men season 7, episode 2

Sally Draper: For once, Sally is not being sarcastic, is not upset, nor is she disappointed with her father. The two end up bonding after a night on the town where Don Draper is more honest with his daughter than he ever has been before. Maybe they are actually turning over a new leaf of honesty in the final season?
Via: Tumblr

‘Once Upon A Time’

Mary Margaret: “I think we’ve wasted our last day being haunted by the past.”

Regina: “Now we can focus on being haunted by our impending lack of a future.”
Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 18

Mary Margaret and Regina: After returning the spirit of her mother back to the after life, Regina sits down to talk with Mary Margaret. They finally experience some closure for their tortured past relationship. Starting to forge a trusting alliance, even in the face of a doomed future, is a huge character development for them both.
Via: Tumblr

‘The Vampire Diaries’

“There’s probably a chapter in Elena’s psych book about it…What, are you two study buddies now?”
The Vampire Diaries season 5, episode 19

Damon Salvatore:, Poor Damon is just a little slow on the uptake. He’s so busy calling out Enzo on the whole Maggie situation that it takes him a second to realize that something is going on between Stefan and Elena.
Via: Tumblr


“You can’t do this badly. You don’t actually have it in you…Who gives a crap what all the other peasants think?
Glee season 5, episode 17

Santana Lopez: After Rachel goes overboard worrying about her debut by reading too many online comments, Santana finally gets through to her by reading things that were said about Barbara Streisand when she was in Funny Girl.
Via: Tumblr

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