8:23 am EDT, August 4, 2017

This Sunday’s ‘Game of Thrones’ 7×04 has leaked online

This Sunday’s new episode of Game of Thrones has made its way online roughly 60 hours ahead of its television premiere.

In a leak that could very well be related to the massive HBO data breach that occurred earlier this week, Game of Thrones 7×04 was posted on Google Drive and shared via Reddit. At the time of this writing, the episode is still appearing on Google Drive, however, the episode is unable to be viewed or downloaded due to the high number of people who’ve already accessed it.

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But now that it’s been posted, it’s very likely that it’ll be uploaded to other corners of the internet.

The details surrounding this specific leak are unknown, but it’s easy to assume that this is related to the aforementioned data breach in which 1.5 terrabytes of data was stolen from HBO. It’s also unclear if this is the final cut of GOT 7×04 or if it’s an early edit.

Update: According to a journalist at The Hollywood Reporter, the episode’s leak was caused by an Indian distributor:

On Thursday the hackers promised that more information would be released this coming Sunday. The script for GOT 7×04 was part of the data breach and was leaked along with episodes of other HBO shows earlier this week.

We still don’t know what exactly the hackers were able to steal from HBO. 1.5 terrabytes is a massive amount of data, so they could be in possession of a ton of television.

Game of Thrones is HBO’s most popular series, so advance leaks could have significant effects on the show and network’s viewership numbers.

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