10:00 am EDT, May 13, 2016

‘Galavant’ heading for the stage, Alan Menken confirms

Don’t start singing that swan-song just yet, Galavant fans. There’s still a glimmer of hope — or, is that a spotlight?

Goodbye little square box, hello The Great White Way. That’s right, while Galavant’s life may have been short-lived on ABC, it’s certainly not over yet for our favorite jackass in a can.

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Taking to Twitter, following the announcement on Thursday that Galavant would not be continuing on ABC for a third season, composer Alan Menken told fans of the medieval musical-comedy that the show would go on in some form — and that was “guaranteed.” That would have been enough to soothe most fans’ broken hearts, but one decided to chance their luck and try for a confirmation of just how Galavant would live on.

And Alan Menken responded.

There’s little doubt that Galavant is suited for a stage adaptation, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a show that Menken has worked on would make the jump from screen to stage — just take a look at Newsies. With an already stellar cast, who are no strangers to the stage, and a score comprised of self-knowing parodies, it’ll likely hit the right notes with theatre goers.

Timing, however, will be everything, as Joshua Sasse has been cast as a lead in No Tomorrow — a brand-new comedy from the team behind Jane the Virgin, which just received a series pick-up from The CW. Could the stage version of Galavant work without the man himself? And could anyone really embody King Richard as well as Timothy Omundson?

Details are currently sparse, and there’s no telling whether a stage show really will pan out — though Menken’s “guaranteed” does give me some confidence that it will — but at least there’s still hope for this little-show-that-could. Check back with Hypable for more news as it develops!

(And, should it find its way to the stage, I’ll just have to add it to the growing list of shows I want to see on Broadway.)

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