8:15 am EDT, December 22, 2017

The Critics Choice Awards to honor Gal Gadot with #SeeHer Award

On January 11, Gal Gadot will be the second winner of the #SeeHer Award for her groundbreaking work on Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was an important movie to fans of the comic book genre, as it not only was a spectacular superhero movie, but it portrayed female heroes in a way we don’t often see in movies and TV. Gadot presented Diana as a hero who was strong, brave, loving, and one that you just can’t help but look up to.

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It’s because of her awesome work on the film, and the way that she continues to inspire women and girls to strive for the extraordinary in their lives, that the Critics Choice Awards will be honoring Gadot with the #SeeHer award. Even more meaningful, Patty Jenkins will present Gadot with the award during the gala.

The #SeeHer award was spawned out of the movement started by the National Association of National Advertisers, and honors women who push the boundaries of the way women are portrayed onscreen. As these women continuing to buck stereotypes, accepting roles that push the boundaries of how women are seen in film, the movement hopes to represent all women in girls in film come 2020.

Last year, the first #SeeHer Award was given to Viola Davis for her groundbreaking work in How To Get Away With Murder. In addition to her work onscreen, Davis has been incredibly vocal about empowering women and girls–especially women and girls of color.

Hollywood may not have a great reputation for how it treats women both on and offscreen. However, the #SeeHer Award is hopefully signaling a changing tide in the industry, and creating a culture of empowerment.

Who else would you like to see win a #SeeHer Award?

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