2:15 pm EST, February 14, 2020

Full ‘FFVII Remake’ opening is as beautiful as you imagined it was on PS1

The FFVII Remake opening introduces players to the story of ex-soldier Cloud, mercenary Barrett, and flower girl Aerith.

It’s been teased ever since the game’s announcement, and now, we can feast our eyes on the entirety of the beauty that is the FFVII Remake opening.

The world of Midgar is a place that used to be. It used to be a healthier environment, one where kids could safely play at the park down the street, and nature wasn’t taken over by industry as heavily as it is now.

Midgar city is bleak. Dark entities lurk in the shadows, Shinra agents attack those in their path, and mysterious materia is leaking out of pipelines. Not knowing of her full role in Midgar’s future, flower girl Aerith hurries home with the flora that she picked from the abandoned church’s floor. Aerith bumps into a passerby, as another steps on one of the flowers that drops from her basket. Disheartened at the hustle and bustle lifestyle that Midgar has adapted, Aerith looks to the sky in hopes for a brighter future.

ffvii remake opening cloud

Meanwhile, ex-soldier and protagonist Cloud rides atop a train headed downtown. Barrett is paying Cloud to help take down Shinra reactors, which will ultimately leave much of Midgar without resource. Cloud knows only a lonely, dark path, and is content with slashing and hacking his way through anyone and anything that gets in the way of him completing the next job.

Everything changes when a chance encounter between Cloud and the flower girl entangles their destiny. Protecting her from the forces that seek to abduct and study the mythical girl, Cloud vows to fend off anyone that wants to take away his newfound friend.

The FFVII Remake opening confirms that the first Midgar section of the game will indeed release in a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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