The Fringe series finale is tonight! Can you believe it? See video interviews with the show’s cast where they tease the epic conclusion.

Give Me My Remote spoke to the cast at the Fringe 100th episode celebration event, and had them share their reactions to reading the script for “An Enemy of Fate.” Here’s what Joshua Jackson had to say:

Jackson says that “Honestly, I was prepared to read it and be bubbling over with ideas… at the end the email [to showrunner Joel Wyman] ended up being about three sentences, all of which boiled down to, ‘That’s exactly right.’ That’s precisely where we need to finish the show.” He does acknowledge that, “we’re not gonna satisfy everybody, so there will be those who get disappointed by it,” but as he explains, “to a certain extent that’s actually a good thing. Cause it means we’re at least trying something.” He calls the episode a “huge, huge, huge, huge, big production,” but at the same time, “each one of our characters gets to have their moment, where they get to say, in so many words, their goodbye.” And the ending feels “spiritually correct for the show.”

John Noble agrees:

He says that they didn’t know what was happening before reading it, but once it was all said and done, he was feeling “elation.” Noble also thinks that this place was the perfect place to end it. “This has brought us back into the family units.”

Jasika Nicole says that it was “really weird” to read the final moments of the show, and the words “end of series” were so final. She feels such a sense of accomplishment having finished the show, she says, and of the fact that it was such a complete story.

Lance Reddick reveals that he cried when he read the end of the show, and “it caught me by surprise. Everything sort of clicked.”

And finally showrunner Joel Wyman himself weighs in on how it feels like to have finished the series, calling it “highly emotional.” He talks about the writing process with the small writing staff, and how it felt once the final script had come together.

Note that Fringe‘s two-hour finale will start an hour earlier than usual, airing at 8/7c on Fox!

Enjoy, and come back here to let us know what you thought once all is said and done.

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