The Fringe stars Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson spoke at the 100-episode celebration about the end of the show and where their characters are going to end up.

Give Me My Remote caught up with the actors at the party, and they both offered some tantalizing bits of information about the end of the show.

Anna Torv talks about how Olivia will react to Peter’s transformation. She says that Olivia will need to “buck up” and decide how she’s going to react to losing Peter (again). She also says that everyone is going to be more pro-active in the final couple of episodes.

Joshua Jackson is all about Peter’s Observer transformation right now, although he won’t give away how far down the path the character goes (or whether he goes completely bald). Jackson goes on to talk about how open Joel Wyman has been about the storyline this year, and to what extent the actors’ ideas were incorporated into the story. The actors were also given the storyline in advance, so this time they knew the entire season arc before they even started – which in Jackson’s opinion gave them the advantage to craft their performances better. He leaves us with the tease: “Nothing in Fringe happens without consequences.”

The final episode of Fringe, titled “An Enemy of Fate,” airs on January 18 2013.

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