See some teasing images and a second promo for Fringe‘s next episode “Five-Twenty-Ten,” which airs tomorrow night.

The official episode description for “Five-Twenty-Ten” reads, “As the fight for the future intensifies, a member of the Fringe team orchestrates a Fringe event of his own.” And looking at the promotional images released by Fox, we get an idea of who is doing it:

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The images show Peter and Olivia having a moment in front of posters of Etta (we still can’t get over it!), as well as the rest of the gang seemingly about to pull off one of their Fringe events.

Notice that Walter in one of the images is holding up William Bell’s hand – but who is he showing it to?!

TV Line has a bit more information about the episode, revealing that the team will be setting off a Fringe event to distract the Observers – and apparently whatever they do, it will “greatly accelerate” their plans to take them down.

You can also watch the second promo released for the episode:

Fringe 5×07 “Five-Twenty-Ten” airs tomorrow night at 9/8c on Fox.

What do you think about the season so far? Can you believe that the show is almost over? If you missed it, read the official press release from Fox which reveals that the two-hour season finale will air on January 18, 2013.

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