Following last night’s very emotional Fringe episode, the promo for next week’s “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” has been released.

Peter and Olivia are clearly still grieving over the loss of Etta, though we are relieved that in this episode they at least seem to be grieving together.

But of course the fight against the Observers rages on, and a new video tape from Walter spurs the fringe team on to their next mission. They go to a mysterious house where people seem to slip in and out of thin air, which Peter remarks looks like something Walter would have designed when he was tripping.

Walter explains that they are inside a “pocket universe,” where time and space are looping in on themselves. And ooh, the Fringe symbols that have been used to break up the past episodes are in the house:

Fringe symbols appear in Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There Fringe symbols

But they won’t be left free to explore that for too long, as the Observers find them. One of them strikes Astrid, Olivia looks like she gets shot, and Peter slams back an Observer so hard they fly against the wall.

If this is indeed a pocket universe, do you think the Bishops and Astrid learn to manipulate the air around them and themselves, giving Peter more abilities than he otherwise would have? And will Olivia get shot only to find the time looping and come out of the episode unscathed?

After the heartbreaking past few weeks of Fringe, we are very excited to see a more fast-paced, action based episode.

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