9:00 pm EDT, September 11, 2012

‘Fringe’ breaks its 19th episode tradition: ‘There’s just too little real estate…’

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Fringe producer J.H. Wyman gives us a hint that, unlike previous seasons, the final season will be less about shocking for the sake of shock but more revolved around the central storyline.

A bit of interesting news popped up Tuesday when executive producer J.H. Wyman told TV Line there’s not enough room to do a traditional mind-bending episode like we’re used to seeing every season on the 19th episode in.

A reader asked TV Line, “Will Fringe maintain its twisty ‘Episode 19’ tradition for the final season, even though there will only be 13 episodes? Maybe Episode 19 is now Episode 9?” J.H. Wyman responded with “With only 13 episodes left, we don’t have the time to go off the beaten path, there’s just too little real estate to tell the rest of the story.”

This gets us excited because it sounds like there will be no filler episodes, and each week we’ll be invested in the lives of Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Astrid. As we previously reported, J.H. Wyman said he’d like to see this season play off as a “13-hour feature film,” and we’re excited to see how this final season will play out!

What is the 19th episode tradition?

Something that began in the second season, every 19th episode we get shocking information about either the characters or the worlds that Fringe is set in. In the second season we get the discovery that Peter is from the other side. The 19th episode in the third season leaves us with Olivia nonchalantly telling Peter that a man will kill her, which left us reeling with questions! In the fourth season the tradition ended with our glimpse of 2036 and the war with the Observers, foreshadowing to the entire plotline of the fifth and final season.

We’re positive that with or without a traditional shocker episode the fifth and final season will bring us multiple gasps, OMGs, and WTFs. What do you think of Wyman’s use for all 13 episodes?

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