What did you think about last night’s Fringe episode? See the promo for next Friday’s “Five-Twenty-Ten,” where Peter takes center stage.

Last season we were all speculating that when Peter was erased from existence he would become an Observer. That didn’t happen, exactly, but it looks like the writers may still be going there.

This promo definitely hints at Peter beginning to develop some of the Observers’ trademark skills, such as being able to predict what time exactly an Observer will be somewhere (and using that skill to take them down).

Will Olivia discover what is happening to Peter before it’s too late, or will he “complete the transition,” so to speak, becoming one of the enemy in order to save the world – but sacrificing himself in the process?

It is also with sadness that we must note that we have now officially crossed the halfway mark of the final season of Fringe. The show’s 13 episodes will wrap up the storylines and give our characters a proper send-off, but we’ve now only got seven episode left in which to do just that (and we count the last two episodes as one because they’re to be aired on the same night, January 18 2013).

Fringe will return next Friday at 9/8c on Fox with “Five-Twenty-Ten.”

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