It’s been almost ten years since Monica and Chandler Bing from Friends graced our televisions, but the former Friends co-stars, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, will reunite on an upcoming episode of Perry’s NBC freshman comedy, Go On.

The episode is set to air April 2 and according to the TVLine article, Courteney will star as “Talia, a woman whom Julie White’s Anne tries to set up with Perry’s leading man Ryan.” Throughout the show’s first season, the friendship between Anne and Ryan has run the gamut – from at first butting heads to an eventual mutual respect and adoration for the other’s strength in the midst of grieving over lost loved ones. Anne, who lost her long-time girlfriend to a heart attack, is a part of Ryan’s support group, along with other grieving characters.

This is not the first mini-reunion we’ve seen since Friends went off the air in 2004. Jennifer Aniston (whom portrayed Rachel Green on the show) had a guest starring role on Cox’s poorly-titled show, Cougar Town, during the show’s second season premiere. Last year, David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) had a stint on the Emmy award-winning web series, Web Therapy, which stars Lisa Kudrow (the lofty Phoebe Buffay). While we’d all love to see a full-on Friends reunion, it’s been denied multiple times from the actors. When an apparently fan-created image went viral last November, hinting at a reunion, Matthew Perry took to his Twitter to shut it down.

When he’s not dispelling rumors or tweeting about sports, Matthew Perry (@matthewperry) tweeted two images of him and Courteney on the Go On set during the last few weeks. You can check those out here and here.

What do you guys think about the reunion?

Is it going to be weird to see these two, who are so well known for playing the married couple on one of the biggest sitcoms ever, or are you excited to see them in new roles? Let us know in the comments!

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