General Mills is bringing back French Toast Crunch! To celebrate, Miss Cleo has shot a ’90s-tastic commercial for you.

The beloved cereal, featuring box art that used to depict Wendell the Baker pouring syrup on french toast, is back by popular demand as of today. The cereal may begin appearing on store shelves in some cities as soon as this week, and General Mills promises that it will be back everywhere by the end of January.

To celebrate the news, General Mills asked Miss Cleo – the beloved ’90s hotline fortune-teller – to film a new commercial in which she breaks the exciting news to callers about French Toast Crunch:

The commercial is a throwback to Miss Cleo’s old fortune-telling commercials:

French Toast Crunch made its debut in 1995 and fulfilled our wildest french-toast-on-a-spoon dreams through 2006.

“We have been overwhelmed by the consumer conversations, requests and passion for the cereal to come back,” says Waylon Good, a marketing manager at General Mills. “We value our fans and are so excited to be able to bring it back for them.”

Also valued: Their bottom lines. We’re sure many people who purchased French Toast Crunch in the ’90s and early ’00s will want to start eating the cereal (which boasts “seven essential nutrients”) as soon as they can get their hands on it.

Just one question: Where’d Wendell the Baker go? He doesn’t appear to be on the new boxes of French Toast Crunch.

Will you be in search of French Toast Crunch?

What other cereals would you love to see make a comeback? French Toast Crunch was at the top of our list, but other cereals we’d love to see include Dino Pebbles, Oreo O’s, and Sprinkle Sprangles.

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