8:35 am EST, December 9, 2019

‘Free Guy’ trailer shows us the secret lives of NPCs

Free Guy just released its first trailer, and the Ryan Reynolds film gives audiences a unique peek into the lives of video game NPCs.

Many of us have enjoyed playing open-world video games. There’s nothing like exploring a huge digital landscape getting to go on quests, cause a little mayhem, and interact with people from around the world. But in the new trailer for Free Guy, we’re asked a very important question: how do the NPCs feel about that?

If you’re not up on your video game lingo, NPC stands for non-player character. They’re the ones that have strict, pre-programmed routines, a cache of one-liners to respond to player characters as they pass by, and are generally meant to be forgettable.

However, in Ryan Reynolds’ new movie Free Guy, we see what happens when one NPC decides to stand up against the mayhem in his digital home. Take a peek at the trailer below to see what happens when an NPC goes against their pre-programmed nature.

In the hilarious Free Guy trailer, we see Guy (Reynolds), a regular bank teller who realizes he’s a background character in a Grand Theft Auto style video game. However, as he sits through yet another heist at his workplace, Guy decides to stand up to the bad guys.

Though Guy might live in a hyper-violent environment, he’s not used to the intense violence he needs to stay alive. Thankfully, he quickly teams up with Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) and she helps him get the skills and the gear he needs to kick some serious ass. Together, they team up to fight the bad guys running wild in their city.

Free Guy sounds like it will be a wild and utterly hilarious new take on a story of an unlikely hero. Plus, with the movie’s cast made of amazing people like Reynolds, Comer, Taika Waititi, and Joe Keery, this is going to be a movie you definitely won’t want to miss.

So get ready to save the world when Free Guy heads to theaters this summer, July 3.

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