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Everything I know about ‘Freaks and Geeks’ I learned from Tumblr

The high school is known for its emphasis on physical fitness.

Freaks and Geeks gym

Whereas other schools pride themselves on their arts and music or STEM program (like my old high school), this school’s main emphasis is physical fitness. After all, what other reason would there be for the crazy amount of P.E. uniform/gym class photos from this show that I’ve scrolled past on my dash? Even in Lizzie McGuire (where Lizzie loathed gym) there are not as many P.E. scenes as there seem to be in this one season show. It would also explain why all the characters are thin and kind of lanky. Maybe their middle school is all about running and then, in high school, they hit the weights?

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James Franco was a normal amount of weird.

Freaks and Geeks James Franco

I mean, he was on this show, so had to have had some sort of quality by this point to be considered a “freak” or a “geek.” However, he wasn’t so much so yet where he was making the front pages of newspapers and websites. That, and it seems like, from the photos I’ve seen, James Franco is kind of the cool kid/ladies man of the group. So I feel like this is the only logical conclusion, right? Plus, he had to have been sort of weird to be able to pull off that weirdly wide and forced smile that I constantly see on my dashboard.

John Francis Daley is one sassy kid.

Freaks and Geeks sassy

Before he was one of the highlights of and killed off of Bones, John Francis Daley was one sassy boy who was just not having any of anyone’s shenanigans. Whenever someone wants to be sassy on Tumblr, chances are that they use a Freaks and Geeks still of John Francis Daley and his cute curly hair. So, I’m assuming that his sass and potentially witty one-liners or insightful quips are what he’s known for. And if that’s not the case, then I’m at least sure that he and his sassy mug is the poster child for the show.

‘Freaks and Geeks’ is the voice of a generation and was cancelled too soon.

Freaks and Geeks Awkward

I feel like this is pretty much a gimme, but, from what I can tell, everyone who has watched Freaks and Geeks has complained about how it was cancelled too soon. About how great and true to life it is. How relatable the characters are. You know what else I’ve heard that said about? Veronica Mars. Heck, I’m one of the people who is shouting that off of the rooftops (not the one at the end of season two though). So, from what I can tell, Freaks and Geeks is a really well-done TV show that was given the axe too soon. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way after I watch it for the first time with ReWatchable.

John Francis Daley brought straight-across bangs back in style.

Freaks and Geeks bangs

You’re welcome, Zooey Deschanel. Not that I ever think that straight-across bangs (or any bangs) have ever gone out of style (I’ve had them since I could walk), but there are quite a few pictures of John Francis Daley floating around Tumblr where he has the most perfect bangs.

So, how did I do?

I totally nailed it, right? I know that there’s a lot to love and discuss about Freaks and Geeks, but I feel like the story itself is pretty straightforward (even if it may include a bit of time-hopping). Regardless of how accurate my points are, I’m really excited to start watching Freaks and Geeks with my ReWatchable crew. If you love or are interested in the show, please join us!

Also, feel free to tell me how right I am in the comment section below as well. Just no spoilers, please and thank you!

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